A sensless tragedy and the musings of an idiot

October 24, 2014 is a date that changed the lives of a community. Six families will never be the same. Three young people, just starting their high school years gone. Snuffed out without the ability to really even know why. Do you know what kind of person would take such a tragic event and attempt to make this a pit bull related story? Surely, there is not one person out there that would, right?

I wish I could tell you that there wasn’t, but there is. Let me introduce Merritt Clifton. If you are new to the whole BSL/ANTI BSL fight and you have no clue who that man is, let me give you a quick link so you can catch up.( Read here ) Somehow, he took a tragedy and spinned it to feed his pit bull hating made up guesstimated statistics. Go ahead and check out his disgusting fake “report” . Notice something?


So, Mr. Clifton decided that he could profile this obviously troubled young man after lurking on the boy’s (Yes, a boy’s) facebook page? With no actual knowledge or information provided by the shooter’s family, friends, classmates or tribe members- Clifton can successfully profile this young man? As usual, Mr. Clifton reaches beyond his pay (or lack of) pay grade.

Now, addressing his Pit Bull advocate profile, which has zero
credibility and is absolutely laughable – but to BSL advocates- it profiles EVERY pit type owner:

Significantly more likely to commit violent criminal behavior, compared to other large dog owners, small dog owners, and people who did not own dogs at all.

More careless, selfish and have strong manipulative tendencies
engaged in more self-defeating behaviors than the low risk dog owners.

Much more accepting of the maltreatment or abuse of animals than was found for owners of low risk dog breeds.

From a recent study? Oh heck no, Lets try 1996.

The ironic thing- that describes BSL/DOGSBITE.ORG followers. Weird isn’t it? Here is a great example:
A horrible story about a mentally ill man sexually assaulting a dog.

Pretty sick right? Now, what dogsbite.org members, which includes Mr. Clifton & his new wife Beth (a former pit bull advocate that murdered her dog for her new role in the dogbite.org community.) say about this?

Really Tom? It’s that funny?

A mentally ill man raping a dog is funny? Oh wait! Duh! Because it’s a pit bull it deserves it? I wonder if Rick believes if women wear short skirts that they deserve to be raped too? We should ask him.

Notice that it’s men that think this story is SOOO funny?

Dogsbite.org members such as Mr. Clifton really need to stop leaching off victims. If anything, real, ethical reporters need to shame him for using the death of 3 young teens as a platform to push his disgusting agenda. Although, all things considered- Mr. Clifton is not to concerned with ethics as long as DBO members donate. If anything even in his own comments show his need to warp reality.


The young man liked a page and it sealed his fate.


A troubled young man. Five families changed forever. But none of that matters as long as Clifton can shove his fake statistics…


and again….


It just shows….  these 5 young teens do not matter to this man as long as he can push his agenda of hate.



2 thoughts on “A sensless tragedy and the musings of an idiot

  1. He quotes babs kay who quotes merrittless.. they give each other a reach around then call it a “peer review” these people are the epitome of pond scum..

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  2. It never ceases to amaze me just how warped Clifton truly is. Anyone who believes anything this has to say has their head up their rear. He bends the truth to suit his agenda to kill off all of our dogs starting with the pit bull. To say that a child’s pet is to blame for something so horrific is beyond stretching. Everyone is watching as Clifton makes a fool of himself and those that he is in tandem with are just slowly going down the drain along with their lies.


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