A past isn’t such a bad thing after all.

I’m not sure why people think I’m really worried if they “know” who am. Uh- I’m the one who had my name on my blog. Why would I even need to hide?
Oh that’s right- that’s because certain ignorant people think that I’m scared of having a past. LOL- isn’t part of living all about having a past?

I think what a few select ignorant people fail to realize is- Are you ready, cuz here’s my life condensed in a post- I embrace my past. I lived, loved, fucked up, healed, scraped my knee, broke some bones, tied my brother to a tree, rode my bike into a parked car, danced to New Kids on the Block, roller bladed, roller skated, played soccer , played volleyball, played water polo, swam… A lot, kissed a boy, dates a boy, broke up with a boy, got braces, hated braces, drove thru a hail storm in Oklahoma, got lost in Kansas City, got lost getting OUT of Missouri, partied in Seattle, took a train to New Orleans, ate gater, drank way to much booze, danced, laughed, cried, cussed, went joy riding at 17, waited tables, ate oysters, went to jail, got out of jail, swam in the ocean, swam in a lake, swam in a creek, got married, gave birth to beautiful daughter, scrubbed floors, cooked dinners, made cookies, divorced, played on playgrounds, worked some more, danced, colored pictures, took pictures, argued, disagreed, rode a horse, rode a bike, rode a motorcycle, buried a father, buried a grandfather, buried a baby boy, buried a baby girl, cried, healed, pondered, dreamed, hugged, kissed, went to college, graduated from college, married my soul mate, gave birth to another beautiful daughter, bought a house, rescued two puppies, buried a dog, rescued another puppy, dodge sippy cups, pack lunches, fold clothes, advocate for those that need it, bake cookies and look forward to my future every single day.

Whew- that probably was the longest sentence I’ve ever wrote. So- tell me again why I should be scared of my past? I wouldn’t be the woman today with out my past and I wouldn’t change one single thing.
Maybe some people are ashamed because they haven’t accomplished anything and are still spinning their wheels going absolutely nowhere?


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