What is puppycide? Puppycide is when officers of the law use deadly force on a dog- many times unjustified. Cases of puppycide have been slamming the media left and right. Even among Dogsbite.org members-

And of course, Suzanne- “puppycide goes hand in hand with maulings”. Wow- Suzanne, your a idiot.

Shall we look at some cases of puppycide and see if they have anything to do with dog attacks?

CASE 1 -“A city police officer is accused of beating a Jack Russell terrier puppy with a mop, then choking the dog and sending a picture of its dead body to its owner — his girlfriend.” read the report here .
Wow- I bet the puppy was a real threat.

3 year old family dog shot and killed in his own yard.
Story including video by Owner of dog

CASES 3,4 & 5-
Three more stories of dogs being shot…

Alright- let’s flip back to the convo with Suzanne (although this woman supposedly rescues animals… Even pit bulls… Up to 4 months ago..)


Yes Suzanne, how dare trigger happy cops not shoot innocent dogs. Go ahead and cut them some slack cuz we all know each and every police officer is spotless.
Hey Suzanne- are you going to cut this officer some slack?
How about this one?
Better yet, are you going to send this officer a great big glowing thank you?
Oh wait- this is the same Suzanne that excused a homeless unregistered sex offender to beat the crap out of a puppy because it was a pit bull. Makes sense now..

Wow Michele, I am actually impressed what in the frack are you doing slumming in the septic tank of toxicity?

I’m not saying that everyone should like every breed of dog but I would think that those that truly care about animals would never give someone a pat on the back for unjustly killing a dog just because they have a badge.
But- one thing I have learned about these people are- just when you think they can’t be any more idiotic… They prove you wrong.


*some more info on Radley Balko
Washington Post

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