Creepy and Illegal?

Nothing gets creepier than stalking someone stalking a car- taking a picture ABD then posting them to a hate group on Facebook called “Dangerous Dogs”. I personally feel it should be named “Crazy people with Dangerous thoughts.” But hey- it’s not my group (Thank God!).

So who drives and snaps pictures of cars AND posts them them to their group because they own a bully breed? Well- this LADY does!


(ATLEAST I had the common sense to hide the license plate unlike the woman taking the picture- way to go Dangerous Dogs group..)

Look- guess she found another person to exploit and mock:

(See how I had to blur out a ANOTHER LP because the Dangerous Dog group member wants to have some creepy dog hating creep stalk her?)

Just in case Jen in SO- CAL doesn’t know- it would seem she’s stalking:


Which alone is disturbing but she’s also breaking the law. What’s the cellphone law in California?


All I can say is I sure hope she didn’t have her kids in the car while she was stalking and snapping pictures

4 thoughts on “Creepy and Illegal?

  1. Just when I think these individuals can’t sink any lower, they surprise me. In some states, like Texas, try that on the dog owner’s property and they can shoot you. I still don’t know who died and left this group in charge of who can own what breed of dog. The dogs that bite or attack are usually rehomed or to the glee of DBO and all it’s other affiliated groups put down. If it’s by bullet or a knife, they do a happy dance. There is one member of the group prefers antifreeze. Humanely, not so much. A couple of their members own pitties. I feel that these people need to be stalked. With the hate the pump out, those dogs are more than likely are being abused. Stalk all you want……filed charges usually stick.


  2. If the tail lights are lit on the car in front, that means this person was using their cell phone while operating a moving vehicle? Thus putting other motorists and pedestrians at risk. So tell me again: who is the dangerous one?


  3. this is really just more proof positive the dbo robotic minions have a tenuous grasp of reality, at best…stalkers can become the stalked…and they will whine about it…these dumb-as-brick Kool-Aid swallowers are putting their own lives, as well as their loved ones, and each/ every citizen at risk and think nothing of it to please the head robotress-Crazeen…let’s see how that one flies in court!


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