A open letter to misogynistic men-

Dear So and So-

You must really think I hate you. Please stop giving yourself all that credit. I feel sorry for you if anything. Yup- straight up pity.

For a GROWN man to feel because he’s a MAN that he has the right to sexually degrade woman- young-middle age OR ANY age means there are serious problems in your life.

Just STOP– no one wants to hear your pity party or your self righteous excuses justifying your disgusting behavior.

I hope to God that you aren’t married- if you toss out your degrading sexual remarks to strangers- I can only imagine what you say to her. I’m sure in your head that you have every right to express yourself the way you want- which I suppose you do- but then don’t be surprised when people associate you with a feeling if contempt and disgust.

Please- get some help. Ring up a therapist, I don’t know- do something. While your at it- you should google the definition of “misogynistic” and “misogynic“. Who knows- maybe you just don’t understand your hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of women.
Again- I would suggest get help. Like ASAP. Unless your perfectly fine with being a misogynic prick.


Women Every Where and Of All Ages

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