This has been a huge hit at our house! I am so glad I made them as they have been useful for both Noah and Chloe!
I bought a pack of foam sheets from spotlight – they sell them in packs with a range of different colours. 
I cut out a heap of fish shapes {you really could do any shape you wanted though!} and used a permanent marker to write a letter on each side of the fish. Depending on who you’re making them for, add some extra letters. I made them to be used by both Noah and Chloe, bust since Noah doesn’t need any alphabet practice at age 6 I made extras of the vowels and common letters so he could use the fish to spell out sight words.

I also made up some fishing rods with magnets and fishing line. The magnets are hot glued together with the fishing line in between but I’m finding that this comes apart a little too easy!
Then I placed a paper clip onto each fish and they were ready to use! 

We also made number fish.

These have been so much fun for the kids and are so versatile. We can use them just as they are – straight from their storage box! Chloe is often doing this with me while I sit on the couch and feed Owen.

Noah will spell words out for me using his sight word flash cards.

And then of course – because they are foam and can go in the water – you gotta go fishing for real with them! :o}

I’m looking forward to bringing them outside to play during water play when it’s a little warmer too! 
So much fun!