It’s nearly Australia Day! 
We had planned on a day out yesterday but opted to stay home and play, draw, craft and head to the park instead! Perfect 🙂
We decided to do some Australia Day crafty fun, and so made these paper plate wombats and a koala :o} 

All you need is:
paper plates
paint {brown and grey}
googly eyes
brown felt/paper for wombat nose and ears
black felt/paper for koala nose
grey felt/paper for koala ears

Paint your paper plates. We used sponges just because it’s fun.
When dry, attach eyes, nose and ears to your wombat or koala face with glue. 
Then allow to dry.
Couldn’t be easier to make some cute little Aussie friends this Australia Day! 
You can check out some of our other Australia Day ideas here :o} There are also cute food toppers and flags to download!

I hope you have a gorgeous day celebrating this great country! Stay safe!