28 07, 2013

{craft} weather :: pasta wheel rainbows

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I love any reason to dye pasta and we use it a lot in our activities and crafts at home. This idea is straight from pinterest, we just glued some pasta onto cardstock to make pretty rainbows. I set out the table with glue in a pot and all the coloured pasta ready for some fun! Noah knew what to do and had fun starting out on his own – he has also memorised the rainbow song so knew the order the colours should go in. Chloe needed a bit of help to start out – she […]

26 07, 2013

{printable} weather station

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We couldn’t do a weather theme without making up a weather station! I searched all over the net for a printable weather station but they all had a ‘snow’ category. Now, I do know that it does snow here in some places here in Australia, but for most of us in this gorgeous country it doesn’t so I decided to make our own and leave ‘snow’ out. We decorated it ourselves with different things like coloured rice, cotton wool, tissue paper, crayons and pipe cleaners! You could just draw the pictures or get as messy with […]

23 07, 2013

{activity} weather :: cloud fluff sensory tub

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My kids love sensory play and after making cloud dough we also made cloud fluff! Yes, maybe over-doing the ‘cloud’ activities {we also did rain clouds in a glass!} during our weather theme but with a cloud theme happening in the baby’s nursery as well I have clouds on my mind :o}This is seriously a fun sensation. I enjoyed it too. It’s hard to describe. You know what shaving cream would feel like on it’s own – already pretty fun for kids, but the cotton wool provides a little resistance and texture!It’s definitely messy […]

22 07, 2013

{activity} weather :: cloud dough sensory tub

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I have seen so many pins on pinterest of cloud dough sensory tubs so of course when we did our little weather theme we had to try it! It is AMAZING! It’s so soft and my kids are still enjoying it weeks later!You need just two ingredients – plain flour and baby oil {or vegetable oil}We used 8 cups of plain flour and 1 cup of baby oil. {I just bought the cheapest of both I could find at the supermarket} I ended up adding in more baby oil as I mixed it together to get […]

16 07, 2013

{activity} weather :: rain clouds in a glass

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Over the last week of term and first week of our school holidays last week we kept on going with our weather theme! This time we decided to do a fun activity – rain clouds in a glass :o}  For this simple activity you will need some shaving cream, water and blue food colouring for rain, a glass or jar with some water and a dropper or medicine squirter for adding the ‘rain’ to the cloud in a glass.Put some shaving cream on top of the water in your glass or jar. Pretty white fluffy […]

27 06, 2013

{craft} rainbow ribbon rings

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We made some ribbon rings a couple of weeks ago and my kids have been loving them! I just used random ribbon I had in our wrapping box but I decided to make them some rainbow coloured ones as who doesn’t love all those gorgeous colours all together? These are very easy to make, and super fun to play with. I bought these wooden curtain rings at Masters, about $6 for the pack of 5.And some pretty coloured ribbon from the discount shop :o}The curtain rings have these little hooks attached, but they are very […]

26 06, 2013

{craft} weather theme :: paper plate umbrellas

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Hi everyone!We have been having some fun with weather themed crafts and activities lately! It’s been great as we’ve had some rainy days, some sunny days, some windy ones and even some very foggy mornings so we’ve had plenty of opportunity to talk weather around here! One of our first weather themed activities was to make some paper plate umbrellas! You will need:Paper platePop sticksvarious bits and pieces to decorate your umbrella withglue + paint brushFirst you cut a little bit out of the bottom of your paper plate so it’s more umbrella shaped.I spent a […]

17 07, 2011

craft days

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Recently a friend and I had a craft day for our kiddos – like a play date, but full of crafting fun!
It was a rainy day and so I thought it would be fun for the kids to make a rain cloud with some cotton wool and rice that I had dyed blue.

You can dye rice using the same method as the pasta method I shared earlier. It dries a lot faster. I just emptied the bag out onto a plate lined with paper towel and the rice was dry in no time.

And then […]