valentine’s day

21 01, 2011

valentine’s day fortune cookies

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I found this super cute tutorial for Valentine’s felt fortune cookies here. They were really very simple to make.Instructions:Cut your circles out. I used a ramekin to get my circles, I think they turned out to be a good size.Fold in half and use a hot glue gun. Remember to leave a space for your ‘fortune’ or place it there just before gluing to make it a little easier later on. {trying to smoosh the little messages into the finished cookies was a little difficult}.Once dry, fold in half and secure with a little more […]

14 01, 2011

love, when you are 3

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It is exactly a month before Valentine’s Day.For us, Valentine’s Day isn’t about gifts and chocolates and flowers, but about love and family and being together. We show that we love each other each and every day and don’t need a day specifically for it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to make a big deal of Valentine’s and the lead up to it!For us Valentine’s is about putting a little extra effort into sharing and smothering the LOVE all over.Love is what you have for your family members, or your husband, wife […]