valentine’s day

31 01, 2012

{printable} 14 days of Valentines

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If you’ve been around here for a while you’ll remember Valentines last year here on the blog. I shared a lot of our little crafts and fun things and you can see them all here.I also designed these 14 Days of Valentines cards with Jade for her lovely readers. They were available for purchase last year for $7.95 but this year Jade has so beautifully offered that I make them available here on a little delightful – and we are offering them to all of you for free :o} Here is a list from Jade’s post last […]

22 02, 2011

pastry hearts

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Ok, so I know it’s no longer Valentines but who doesn’t love hearts and having fun with making food special? I like to do things like this all throughout the year as a fun way of showing my family that I love them.Stick one of these puff pastry hearts on top of soup or salad {or anything really – it’s pastry! yum!}Start with a sheet of puff pastry – cut it into 1cm strips.Take a strip and make an upside down ribbon shape. {Bad explanation – hence photo!}Please excuse these pictures – my kitchen […]

13 02, 2011

make your own crayons – valentine’s style

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I’ve taken a little break from the blog this weekend to celebrate my little guy’s birthday. More on all of that very soon!For today, the last of our Valentine’s craft for this year was making our own heart shaped crayons.This is seriously easy. We do this for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, any occasion you can get a mould for you can make crayons for! :)You start out with crayons. Usually I use the little broken bits of random crayons that I collect through the year, but this time we started with some new ones […]

9 02, 2011

basic cookie recipe & a valentine’s twist

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I love this recipe for basic cookie dough. It is simple, doesn’t use a lot of ingredients and so it is quick to make. Of course it tastes delicious too! It also makes A LOT of dough, so I always freeze about half of it for use later. It freezes well, and then I just defrost and bake up a batch with no mess, love it.Ingredients:1/2 cup of Sugar500g of Butter, softened5 Cups of Self Raising Flour {I use half wholemeal self raising}1 can of sweetened condensed milk {I use the light one}Preheat oven […]

9 02, 2011

valentine craft

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We did some {more} Valentine’s crafting over the weekend.  We threaded some beads onto pipe cleaners. And shaped them into hearts.I wanted to hang them from a little wooden tree, buy my little guy had other ideas.And so we made them into glasses as per his suggestion.Don’t you just love what they come up with? I really love his imagination and his fresh outlook on life. I learn so much from him everyday and I love having this time with him, we both enjoy it so much.

8 02, 2011

melting hearts

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We melted hearts over the weekend, literally. I used a small heart shaped cookie cutter to make some heart shaped butter. I did a whole bunch the other week and just stored them in the fridge in a container in-between small layers of baking paper. This meant that they are ready when needed. And just in case you are thinking we eat one of those butter hearts each, we do share them as that is a pretty big bit of butter! Our tiny heart cutter got lost somewhere which isn’t surprising as it was a pretty […]

7 02, 2011

quick valentine’s heart

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I found these little rattan hearts at Spotlight and thought they’d be cute covered in ribbon. I love how easy this project was. I just wrapped the ribbon around the heart tightly. I secured the end with a hot glue gun. Then I added ribbon for hanging.I really love the little hearts, they’re just the perfect size to hang on the door handles.It’s great that only a tiny amount of glue was used just to secure the very end of the ribbon to the heart, so if I tire of the colour or want to do […]

5 02, 2011

little valentine

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Looking for something sweet and simple to give out for Valentine’s Day?I made up these little bag toppers to share with you all. You could use them to give out sweets to neighbours, friends or all the kiddos in class. I just love the look of mini marshmallows for these toppers but you could use anything you want! A friend of mine has left over Christmas mints and is using those, why not!?These are really too simple, just print and cut and tape to a little bag. I used small 3″ x 4″ bags for […]

1 02, 2011

14 Days of Valetines – Day 1

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So apparently my husband is in on the 14 Days of Valentines too!He left this for me to find this morning.Where did I leave his? In the box of weetbix. :o}My little guy loved opening up his little paper mailbox and finding his little note.His today said “I love that you make me laugh everyday”, and he does. I am truly blessed to have so much love and laughter in my life.I would not, could not, change any of this for anything else.Ever.

31 01, 2011

14 Days of Valentine’s

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I am so excited to be working with Jade from Super Organiser Mum on a range of printables she has in mind for her lovely readers. I had the pleasure of meeting with Jade and when she asked me to design these Valentines printables I was so excited. I think this is just a beautiful idea, very simple to do but what a lovely little tradition to start. These are a set of 14 little numbered cards that you can use to write little love notes to your special loved ones. For us, Valentine’s has […]