21 12, 2016

{printable} 2016 My Christmas Keepsake Printables

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I can’t believe Christmas is very nearly here and another year has whizzed by. These ‘My Christmas’ printables are a family tradition of ours and I have been sharing them on my blog for the last 6 years!!
I know some of you have been using them for as long as we have! It is really lovely to look at these from previous years and see how much the kids have grown and changed in that time.
Thank you so much for the support you always show me and my blog, despite not having posted on […]

20 12, 2014

Hand and Footprint Reindeers

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I am not sure how or why this isn’t already on my blog – because ever since Noah was two we have been making these hand and footprint reindeer and they are one of my all time favourite Christmas activities! 
They’re also super easy, you just need some brown paper (I use two shades) and some googly eyes (you can also just draw the eyes on!). Some red marker or glitter glue for the red Rudolph nose and some glue or tape. 
Trace your kiddos foot on a piece of paper and cut out. If using […]

19 12, 2014

{printable} My Christmas Keepsake Series 2014

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Hello!! Thank you to all of you that have been asking about these. I almost almost didn’t put them up! It has been so wonderful to hear that some of you do these religiously every year with your children and that you look forward to them! 

My kiddos and I do these every year and it has been such a joy to be able to go through past years pages and see how they’ve grown and changed. Of course this year Owen is a little young but we still completed a handprint page for him […]

17 04, 2014

our easter bunny baskets

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Good morning and happy Thursday!It’s been a little quiet from me as we have been busy with school holiday fun – we really needed the down time and break from the school routine and we are loving it! We’re also getting ready to go on holiday for Easter this year to visit family! Hooray!!!I woke up to about 9 messages and 3 emails asking for some ideas for Easter baskets, so I thought I’d share a photo of our Easter baskets for this year as well link you to a couple from years gone by.Traditionally […]

2 12, 2013

how we elf on the shelf

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Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and that your home is looking thoroughly Christmassy!!I get lots of questions about how we ‘elf on the shelf’ so I thought I’d share how we do it at our house. I actually can’t believe how controversial the elf seems to have gotten! People downright hate it but you know what? I think it’s just a bit of magic and fun for the kids, and if you’re keen on ‘elfing’, you can use it any way you like, to fit your family, there is no […]

23 11, 2013

Christmas Books

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One of the very first things I do to get our house Christmas ready is put together our Christmas book basket. I search the house for all of our Christmas books and this year I have made a little book corner for the kids!We also have a family tradition that each kiddo receives a new Christmas book on Dec 1. I normally spend a little while choosing a special book for them each, one I know they will really enjoy.These are our picks this year :o}It’s Owen’s first Christmas and I couldn’t go past […]

13 12, 2012

{family tradition} decorating their own little trees

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This has been a tradition since – well, forever!My brothers and I had our own little trees that we got to decorate for a little Christmas cheer in our own bedrooms. And so my kids do the same :o}I bought these trees a long time ago, I think from Target. Most places seem to sell some mini ones :o} I also bought battery operated lights {coloured, of course!} to use on the trees so that they don’t have to be plugged in but the kids can still have some festive coloured lights on their […]

10 12, 2012

{family tradition} elf on the shelf

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This is a new family tradition for us for 2012! I love finding something new that will be fun for our family and this has certainly been a hoot! The Elf on The Shelf is a story book and a little character doll that comes to your house at Christmas. You really could use any cute little elf character {I did search and search for one that was cute but didn’t find one and ended up going the ‘popular’ one. It really doesn’t matter because you create the magic!!The story goes that the elf is […]

2 12, 2012

{family tradition} New Christmas Books

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I get a lot of emails asking about how I go about our Advent Activities and our Christmas Traditions so I thought I would share a little more about some of them in a bit more detail.I am a lover of Traditions. They are, to me, one of the most important things I can impart onto our children. So over the next few weeks I will share some of them with you.Yesterday, being the first of December, we started our Advent Calendar which I showed you in this post here. Day 1 for us is […]