3 07, 2012

{wrap up} space theme crafts + activities

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I thought I would wrap up all the space themed crafts and activities we did over the past few weeks. We haven’t been doing any space stuff for at least a week, we were unwell all last week and just did some nice and easy things which I will share a little later.We started off with some new books and a couple of apps to play with :o}Books are always a hit in our house and I love adding to our home library.We made a space mural on our window with black contact paper, […]

2 07, 2012

{craft} space mural

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We decided it would be nice to keep with ‘tradition’ and make a space mural after making one for our ocean theme earlier in the year.This year I used a strip of black contact paper and let the kids decorate it with some glue mixed with a little flour and lots of glitter.Then we stuck it to the window :o} The flour mixed with glue makes it look like the milky way on the black contact paper – it’s not perfect {you can see some of it peeling off down the bottom righthand corner} […]

13 06, 2012

{craft} paper plate space ships

June 13th, 2012|Categories: crafts|Tags: , |5 Comments

Last week the kids and I made some paper plate space ships. These were pretty easy, and the kiddos enjoyed decorating them with foam stickers. But enjoyed playing with them when they were all done more!What you need:2 paper or plastic disposable plate1 paper or plastic bowlplastic clear cupaluminium foil to cover the plates and bowlstaplergluestickers to decorate {we used foam star stickers}aliensTo make your space ships, cover 2 paper or plastic plates in foil. For one of ours I covered each plate separately and then stapled them together, {bottom plate goes right side […]

12 06, 2012

{craft} aliens

June 12th, 2012|Categories: crafts|Tags: , |1 Comment

We wanted to make some aliens for our space theme play. These were super easy and quick and the kids love them.To make these ones, you will needLarge pom pomssmall pom pomspipe cleanersgoogly eyesglueAnd to make these ones, you will needaluminium foilpipe cleanerssmall pom pomsgoogly eyesglueThey are pretty easy to put together. Of course Chloe being only 2 needed some help. But she enjoyed picking out the colours for her aliens but most of all enjoyed playing with them when they were dry.x

7 06, 2012

{craft} rocket ship footprints

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The other day we made Rocket Ship Footprints! I saw the idea here but thought we should use some aluminium foil instead of paint. I wanted the kids to have more to do as well so we used glitter and stick on stars and glued on some tissue paper. Fun! {ok and maybe a little messy too with all the glitter + a 2 year old!}First I traced the kids footprints onto some aluminium foil. While I cut them out, the kids were busy using a glue stick all over a piece of black cardstock, […]

5 06, 2012

{activity} easy glow in the dark space jar

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I have seen this on pinterest and finally found the proper link from the original author! Here is the original if you would like to see what she did. Very clever, using glow in the dark paint!
I wanted something quick and easy for this though, so thought I’d use some glow sticks. Using the glow sticks was super simple, very effective and the kids LOVED it.

This is all you need. + a jar. Well, you don’t even need the glitter really – I just assumed you did by looking at the photo on pinterest. […]

4 06, 2012

{sensory tub} space

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 I whipped up a quick sensory tub for Chloe. And by quick I mean I just grabbed a whole lot of random stuff from around the house. I’ve seen some cooler ones, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.I put a very old metal space shuttle toy in here – this used to belong to one of my brothers and they gave it to Noah. I placed some bouncy balls {planets}, rocks {meteorites} and stars as well as a couple of glow sticks in here.The sun and moon were also drawn by one of my […]

27 05, 2012

{Space Theme} : intro + books

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We like to do things by themes here. Just like at school. I find it flows better and the kiddos get really into it. It gives them time to focus on the theme and soak it all in, and we can tie a range of things together. We have done a few already this year, we spent quite a while doing our Ocean theme, which we tied in with Australia Day and learning about our lucky country. We have also done Valentine’s and Easter themes as well as a little bit of Autumn, Lorax […]

20 02, 2012

Noah’s Space Party

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Recently my sweet boy turned the big F.I.V.E. I can honestly say I don’t know how we got here so quickly. And he must be so used to me saying that it has flown by, because on the morning of his birthday he said to me “It was like I was just born yesterday Mummy and now I am five!” Haha.Happy Birthday Noah! You are such a gorgeous boy, inside and out. I am proud of you and proud to be your Mama. You have taught me so much, and I love you to […]

9 09, 2011

fun with play dough

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A few weeks ago I let Noah take his old home made playdough out into the garden. We had had it for a couple of weeks {you can store it in the fridge for quite a while!} or so and it was time for it to go, but before that, I thought why not let him make a real mess of it, stick things in it, make imprints with gumnuts and sticks and all sorts of things. Well didn’t he have the best time! Chloe got into it too, and it kept them occupied […]