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22 10, 2013

gone fishin’ – foam fish alphabet fun

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This has been a huge hit at our house! I am so glad I made them as they have been useful for both Noah and Chloe!I bought a pack of foam sheets from spotlight – they sell them in packs with a range of different colours. I cut out a heap of fish shapes {you really could do any shape you wanted though!} and used a permanent marker to write a letter on each side of the fish. Depending on who you’re making them for, add some extra letters. I made them to be used […]

7 08, 2013

{activity} construction :: alphabet rocks for letter recognition and sight word spelling!

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Another activity we had a lot of fun with during our construction themed fun were these alphabet rocks!We have had these rocks in our backyard for over a year, the kids use them to build little towns on the grass or lately, in the sandpit. It started with writing numbers onto a few of the rocks since Chloe has been so interested in numbers lately, and I branched out and did the alphabet too. I just used a large thick sharpie and wrote a letter or number on each rock and then wrote the […]

9 05, 2013

sight word fun and printable sight word flashcards

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Noah is LOVING sight words and we have been learning them in a few different ways that I thought I would share with you!His teacher sends home a list for them to work on and once they’re confident with that list, they get sent home with another list. So I thought I’d share with you a few of the things we do to learn the words on the lists he is given from school.I’ve also included some printable sight word flash cards for you to download and print if you wish :o} They are based […]