19 01, 2012

{printable} back to school – countdown + interview

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It is nearly that time of year – when our kiddos start or go back to school!
We are technically starting our 3rd year of schooling but it isn’t really getting any easier yet. Ok so I don’t cry like I did when I first left him at his 3 year old classroom, but I still get soppy and emotional and dread the start of the new school year.
Our first year of schooling saw Noah start at a 3-year old program for 1 day a week, which we increased in the 3rd term to 2 […]

15 01, 2012

{review} :: beatrix new york lunch box

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I had meant to post this on Friday! :o} But instead I am sharing it with you today. As the brand new school year start approaches we are getting a few things ready around here and I can’t wait to share them all with you.Firstly I thought I would share with you my pick for an excellent lunchbox – tried and tested.I bought a new lunch box for Noah late last term as he was in need of a new one. I did my research as I wanted one that was insulated, BPA, PVC and phthalate free. […]

4 08, 2011

lunch box planner printable

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I like asking Noah what he would like for lunch at school as I find he is more likely to eat what I pack if he’s had some input. I would normally ask him what he’d like in the afternoon, but by the evening when I often prepare his lunch for the next day … I’ve forgotten something. And on the days where I am making his lunch in the morning – I am even more likely to forget what we agreed on! {I’m not a morning person and it takes a while for […]

13 03, 2011

school birthday favours, printable labels & a giveaway!

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I absolutely love baking, and had wanted to make mini cupcakes for Noah to bring in to his class for his birthday last month, but I found myself just way too busy so went looking for an easier alternative.So I made up these little decorated lolly bag favours for him to give his classmates. These were really so easy. Just print and cut and stick on. Even easier if you use sticker paper, which is what I did here. Talk about quick! And don’t they look cute?!These labels are available in my store for you […]

3 02, 2011

Back To School

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 So my little guy started Kindy yesterday. You would think that since he attended a 3 year old kindergarden program last year and by the end of the school year was attending 2 days per week that going back would have been a breeze for me. Not so. I wasn’t ecstatic with sending him 2 days a week, and now his kindy runs 3 days a week. I know, I sound totally clingy, but I LOVE having him around all day. He is such a joy, completely and utterly a wonderful person to be around.So I […]