rainbow rice

24 06, 2013

our playful week

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Hi everyone!Whoops! My plan to have this as a weekly post certainly hasn’t worked has it!!? I can honestly not believe how the weeks are just flying by, with a little under 2 months before this baby arrives I am almost in panic mode. I have a lot of things on my ‘before baby to do list’ that I haven’t gotten to yet, plus a lot of obligations for the blog that I said yes to {some months and months ago} that I am still trying to get through. I know it’s been a bit […]

22 08, 2012

{activity} pouring rainbow rice

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Our rainbow rice is still going strong.There is a lot less of it than when we started nearly a year ago though!But it is just so versatile and useful for so many activities and this is yet another way to use it.Pouring is a great developmental exercise useful for helping develop fine and gross motor skills as well as hand – eye – coordination and control. Kids love doing it with water but it’s also fun with rice! I set it all up on a tray for her. I gave her a small jug and […]