25 06, 2012

q + a :: blogging

June 25th, 2012|Categories: A Little Delightful|Tags: , |3 Comments

Part 2 of the q+a series {you can find part 1 :: themes here} is all about blogging. I was so surprised to be getting questions about blogging as I still feel like a new blogger and sometimes don’t feel super comfortable giving advice on this subject!I will try my best to answer some of your questions though! :o}q: who did your blog design?a: I did :o} I took a few classes as part of my degree at uni and remembered some of it, yay! It’s looking a bit tired now though – must be […]

21 06, 2012

q + a :: themes

June 21st, 2012|Categories: crafts|Tags: , , |4 Comments

I have been receiving lots of questions lately and so I thought I would do a series of Q + A posts again.This is the first in the series where I answer some questions about why we usually craft etc in themes. Stay tuned for q+a posts on food + eating, blogging and one that is just general/misc. Thanks so much for all your emails and messages!q. Why do you do themes? a. I like doing things in themes because I think it gives the kiddos time to soak it all in and allows them […]