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17 06, 2013

{printable} Tooth Fairy Receipts and Childhood Tooth Record

June 17th, 2013|Categories: printables|Tags: , , , |28 Comments

Happy Monday everyone!As promised, here are my Tooth Fairy printables. We recently reached this awesome childhood milestone and Noah pretty much burst when I picked him up from school and he had a big gap where there once was a tooth! I was a little sad I wasn’t there to witness the joy of him realising his tooth had *finally* fallen out and the tooth fairy would be visiting, but I thought – that’s ok – next time.Well, next time was much sooner than I thought it was going to be! Just two weeks […]

25 03, 2012

photo collages with your iphone

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I want to share with you one of my most favourite apps when it comes to photos on my iPhone!It is called photoshake. $1.99 – worth every penny!There are quite a few other collage apps out there but out of the few that I’ve tried, this is the one I like best.When you start it up it looks like this – and gives you all the options you have for playing with photos. You can do a single photo – and add a frame or a caption. Or you can do collages with the “Multi […]

20 03, 2012

project life: my approach and a printable planner

March 20th, 2012|Categories: printables|Tags: , |38 Comments

So many of you have been waiting for this post and I’m worried you’re going to be very underwhelmed haha. No elaborate or unique and wonderful Project Life ideas here – just back to basics easy, simple and straightforward.Today I’m going to share with you how I approach Project Life. I have taken a much more relaxed approach to it this year as I found I was over-stressing about it all and although I loved the result of a finished Project Life – I didn’t love the whole process as I was always stressy […]

30 01, 2012

my desk

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The other week I finally tidied up my desk and made room for Project Life.It meant I had to stick my printer up the top of my desk {this is an Ikea Expedit desk which used to be hubby’s and now I use it since he doesn’t need a large desk anymore}. Not my favourite option, but needed so I have plenty of work space on my desk, even when the lap top is on there.On the top shelf I have the cute wooden divided box I bought when holidaying in Albany {WA}. I […]

14 10, 2010

tickled pink & project life

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I entered a small photo challenge hosted by Becky Higgins over the weekend. I was tickled pink this morning to find that I had won!It was great to see the photos that made it to the top 13. Check them out here. Some absolutely gorgeous ideas about capturing those special moments in our lives and the lives of our children. I particularly love the gorgeous baby bump photo, submitted by another Aussie!Becky’s fun photo challenges are designed to help us think outside the square a little, to step aside {or here, up} to find a […]