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13 12, 2010


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It’s no secret babies love simple things, they’d be happy with the boxes and wrapping paper everyone else has left behind on Christmas morning.But these felt balls are just so beautiful, and yet still so simple. My little girl is really enjoying them and my son has a few as well. So far they have been food for his animal friends, meat balls for us, baby creatures that are sleeping {shhh!}. I love the imagination, and always love things that help build his imagination.They were a last minute buy at a market we went […]

6 12, 2010

daily messages

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I’m sharing my new favourite Christmas purchase with you. I found this little gem over the weekend. This little chalkboard tree is just delightful and I am loving writing a new message on it daily for my family to read. So much so that after Christmas is over I’ll be finding an everyday chalk board to take it’s place so I can leave little messages all year long.Today’s little message is ‘appreciate what you have’ which is a great lesson and reminder for not just the kids but my husband and I too. It is […]

28 11, 2010

getting ready for christmas

November 28th, 2010|Categories: crafts|Tags: , , |12 Comments

I have to admit I am usually much more organised than I am this year. But we have been having a lovely time with family visitors and just before their arrival the semester at uni was wrapping up so I’ve been busy and put it aside for a little while. Thankfully much of the gift buying had been done earlier. But from today, getting ready for Christmas is in full swing! I made these awfully cute little “Christmas Puddings” in a flash to start of the festive mood. A friend introduced me to these […]

8 11, 2010

6 months {point & shoot}

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Where has it gone? Over the weekend my little baby became a 6 month old!Everyday I am thankful for this little bundle of pure joy. Everyday I am thankful that I am able to be a mother. For me, it is the best thing in the world, and I love it.Happy 6 Months to my little girl. Time has gone so fast, and I am amazed each day by you. I love your ever growing personality, your smile and your laugh. The way you take it all in. The way you look at me at 5am in the […]

17 10, 2010

point & shoot : a spring harvest

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We have a little veggie patch growing in our back yard.Master 3 has been so excited about it, diligently watering the brocollini, carrots, tomato, spring onion and his favourite herb, oregano. We pulled the carrots out a couple of weeks ago. I had the camera ready to capture Master 3’s face as he viewed his tenderly cared for vegetable, only for us all to be surprised that it was a teeny, tiny carrot. “Not ready” his daddy said, as they pushed it back into the patch. The tomatos were ripening on the vine and turning a […]

13 09, 2010

point & shoot : spring

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It is spring here in Australia, my second favourite season. {I love autumn the most!}I had so much planned for the weekend, it was our wedding anniversary last week and the weather was supposed to be lovely and so I planned a lovely day at home doing some gardening, baking and house stuff on Saturday. And then a trip the markets on Sunday. Instead we stayed home and didn’t do very much at all except try to get medicine into the little monkey and catch up on the washing. These flowers are just so beautiful you […]

6 09, 2010

our father’s day

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With our own fathers either in another country or no longer with us, our father’s day was pretty quiet. We stayed home except for a quick trip to Bunnings. {what’s a father’s day without Bunnings, right?}We started the day with Daddy having a sleep-in – believe it or not this is rare for him, he usually lets me sleep in!We made him french toast with freshly whipped cream and strawberries. A good splash of maple syrup {the real stuff} sealed the deal. I found the super cute sign here.Oh.Yum.Our little guy made Dad a tie […]

30 08, 2010

point & shoot : swirling

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I’ve had a rough last couple of weeks, which is why I haven’t been posting as much as I had planned or wanted to. So on a busy and full on weekend my mind was swirling with thoughts as I did the things that needed doing. Am I good enough? Am I giving enough of me to my children? Are they happy? Does my husband get all he needs from me? Am I a good person? What do I need? It went on and on. I took a break to stare at my new baby girl. […]

23 08, 2010

point & shoot : bubbles

August 23rd, 2010|Categories: A Little Delightful|Tags: , |7 Comments

my weekend was filled with voting for our government, a trip to IKEA {i love love love IKEA}, buying a new fridge, baking, cleaning and outside fun. this is the first time i’m participating in fat mum slim’s point & shoot. head over there for more!x