22 07, 2012

{playdough} dino playdough!

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Super fun and super easy dinosaur fossil play!You can use this to illustrate how fossils were formed for older kiddos. For younger kiddos, they just like playing with it!You can make dino tracks, too!The kids have fun squishing the dinosaurs into the ‘mud’You can check out the cooked playdough recipe I use here. I coloured this batch brown obviously so it would look like ‘mud’ but you could do what ever colour you like! :o}x

28 11, 2011

snow playdough

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I know it not cold at Christmas here in Australia – but it is still super fun to ‘play with snow’. I made this snow playdough for the kids and they loved it. White, glittery and whimsical for playdough time :o}It was super easy too – I just used my favourite cooked playdough recipe {below – courtesy of a lovely friend} without food colouring. And then I added silver and white glitter and LOTS of it. Next time I will put in even more white glitter and less silver :o}Pretty!Cooked Playdough Recipe:1 cup of […]

21 11, 2011

christmas playdough labels and christmas tags – free printables

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Sorry for my lack of posts lately! We’ve been busy busy and enjoying having family visit from over East. We also went on a road trip for a mini holiday and have been having the best time :o} I have been working on getting my Christmas card designs finished and printed out to check sizing and colour etc and I am hoping these will be ready for sale from tomorrow! For now I am sharing with you printables from last year. First up are these awesome playdough labels designed for Jade – Super Organiser Mum. We have […]

11 10, 2011

some easy halloween fun

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I know it’s not something widely celebrated in Australia, but I am a Halloween lover and I grew up with it, and so in our house we have a little bit of fun with it. 
So I’m sharing a couple of really easy Halloweeny crafts we’ve done so far. 
1. Egg carton spiders.

We just cut out some little egg carton bits and painted them black. 
We hole punched 4 holes in each side {look closely they are totally not lined up but it doesn’t matter}
and then Noah threaded pipe cleaner legs through. 
We then glued googly eyes {I […]

9 09, 2011

fun with play dough

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A few weeks ago I let Noah take his old home made playdough out into the garden. We had had it for a couple of weeks {you can store it in the fridge for quite a while!} or so and it was time for it to go, but before that, I thought why not let him make a real mess of it, stick things in it, make imprints with gumnuts and sticks and all sorts of things. Well didn’t he have the best time! Chloe got into it too, and it kept them occupied […]