22 10, 2014

lemonade playdough

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We have been enjoying the spring weather! Though I do wish it would make up it’s mind! We have had a hot 36 degree day, followed by a cooler 26 degree day, followed by a couple of days of rain. Never the less, Spring is the perfect time to let nature inspire our playtime and we really enjoyed making our Spring paper plate sun catchers the other day! Continuing on with our little spring time theme, we made this lemon scented playdough which was a real treat for the senses!
I used my favourite cooked playdough […]

9 10, 2014

playdough and chickpea pies

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We had some fun last week making playdough pies! The kids LOVE when I make pie and we have some left over pastry. They roll it out and play play play so I thought I would make some playdough pastry for them to play with and make their own little mini pies with some of our rainbow chickpeas!

I pulled out some mini pie dishes for them and grabbed my pastry cutter and a fresh batch of pastry coloured playdough and let them enjoy some chickpea pie making.
It was fun to roll out the pastry and […]

1 10, 2014

colour me happy :: how to dye chickpeas

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Recently I dyed some chick peas for the kids for a little bit of fun imaginative and sensory play.
They’re such a great size and very different to the texture of our rainbow rice! 
It’s easier than you may think to dye pasta and rice, and the result is fun and vibrant and irresistible! 

You will need:
Dried chickpeas {you can get these from the supermarket or a bulk foods grocer will have them cheaper – if you are in Perth Kakulas in Northbridge is a great spot for things like this!}
Food dye {I use a gel paste […]

16 03, 2014

after school wind down time and my exhausted kindy kid

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Anyone else have an exhausted kindy kid?We have finished week 6 of school and although so many people I know have kindy kids that have finally adjusted to being at school, my kindy kid is still not used to it and is absolutely exhausted by the end of her Kindy day.I am lucky that Chloe LOVES school. She gets ready for school in 10 seconds flat and she happily says goodbye to me and has a really great day. I know I’m really lucky that she loves it.But some days, the minute we walk […]

28 05, 2013

our playful week

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Hi lovelies!I am starting a weekly {hopefully!} series on the blog in preparation for when baby is here called “our playful week”. I have been wanting to do this for a while for a number of reasons. I get so many emails asking me what my secret is – how do I do detailed crafts and in-depth activities with and for my kiddos every day! Honestly I don’t! I am a normal busy mum and my kids get a lot of play time where they have to make their own fun and use their imaginations […]

22 05, 2013

{activity} autumn playdough trees

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Well it finally feels like autmun here in Perth – I know! It’s nearly winter now, but the trees around us have only just started to change colours and show off their gorgeous reds and oranges and yellows in the last two weeks. The air is crisper in the evenings and the mornings are cold! It seems it took it’s time, but finally autumn is here! {Yes, we are all sick too haha, change of season seems to do that to us, but I still love this weather!}My kids love play dough – all the […]

26 03, 2013

chocolate playdough

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This has been a HUGE hit at our house. It looks and smells like chocolate cookie dough and is so much fun to play with.My kids have been making hot chocolates, cookies, muffins and cakes with this playdough. I love smelling it, it smells so good. Maybe don’t make it if your little one is keen on eating home made playdough even though it’s super salty! But if your kiddo were to eat some, at least you know it’c completely non toxic 🙂 Chocolate Playdough:1 cup of flour1/2 cup of salt1 cup of water1 Tb cream of […]

18 12, 2012

gingerbread playdough!

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We’ve been a bit obsessed with gingerbread around here lately – gingerbread printables, gingerbread decorating, and also gingerbread playdough!This was probably the first Christmasy thing I did for the kids in late November, simply because it is so easy and they are entertained for ages and ages with playdough. Add some yummy smelling spices, a rolling pin, cookie cutters and buttons to the mix and they love it even more.To make your gingerbread playdough I used my favourite cooked playdough recipe and added some cinnamon, ginger and cloves and it smells wonderful! {about a […]

10 12, 2012

{printable} Gingerbread Man

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Here is a super simple printable Gingerbread Man that you can use for some not so messy Gingerbread man decorating fun!We decided to laminate ours so they can be used over and over.One super easy way to use them is to use them like a dry erase board for the kids to decorate and add buttons, eyes, hair etc. But you can also use them as a play dough mat once they’ve been laminated.My kiddos had an absolute ball using plasticine! We used plasticine mostly because that is what I had in the craft cupboard […]

1 08, 2012

{activity} playdough volcanos!

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What to do with dino playdough that has been played with to death and should really be relocated to the bin soon?Make volcanoes, of course!Which is what we did. Noah really really wanted to make a volcano during our dinosaur theme. But I wasn’t really feeling like making one out of paper mache like we did when I was at school. So instead, we made our volcanoes out of playdough, surrouding and empty baby food jar. We made one for each of them, because we had lots of playdough {and lots of jars from Chloe’s birthday […]