18 12, 2012

gingerbread playdough!

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We’ve been a bit obsessed with gingerbread around here lately – gingerbread printables, gingerbread decorating, and also gingerbread playdough!This was probably the first Christmasy thing I did for the kids in late November, simply because it is so easy and they are entertained for ages and ages with playdough. Add some yummy smelling spices, a rolling pin, cookie cutters and buttons to the mix and they love it even more.To make your gingerbread playdough I used my favourite cooked playdough recipe and added some cinnamon, ginger and cloves and it smells wonderful! {about a […]

18 10, 2012

{bug theme} bug books + apps

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Yay! I know I said these posts would start on Tuesday – sorry for the delay!We have been having SO MUCH fun with this theme, and it is perfect timing since the kids have been able to actually find some bugs in our back yard or while out and about!We changed our little room around a little – this used to be our dining room but it was a bit squishy with our large table so now it is a lovely space for the kids to learn and play in. On the right hand side […]

22 08, 2012

{activity} pouring rainbow rice

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Our rainbow rice is still going strong.There is a lot less of it than when we started nearly a year ago though!But it is just so versatile and useful for so many activities and this is yet another way to use it.Pouring is a great developmental exercise useful for helping develop fine and gross motor skills as well as hand – eye – coordination and control. Kids love doing it with water but it’s also fun with rice! I set it all up on a tray for her. I gave her a small jug and […]

1 08, 2012

{activity} playdough volcanos!

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What to do with dino playdough that has been played with to death and should really be relocated to the bin soon?Make volcanoes, of course!Which is what we did. Noah really really wanted to make a volcano during our dinosaur theme. But I wasn’t really feeling like making one out of paper mache like we did when I was at school. So instead, we made our volcanoes out of playdough, surrouding and empty baby food jar. We made one for each of them, because we had lots of playdough {and lots of jars from Chloe’s birthday […]

22 07, 2012

{playdough} dino playdough!

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Super fun and super easy dinosaur fossil play!You can use this to illustrate how fossils were formed for older kiddos. For younger kiddos, they just like playing with it!You can make dino tracks, too!The kids have fun squishing the dinosaurs into the ‘mud’You can check out the cooked playdough recipe I use here. I coloured this batch brown obviously so it would look like ‘mud’ but you could do what ever colour you like! :o}x

10 07, 2012

{sensory tub} :: dinosaurs

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We have been doing sensory tubs for pretty much every ‘theme’ lately – they’re just so easy to do and you can tailor them to suit your kiddos age. We use an Ikea Trofast tub with a lid because I already had them, but it could be beneficial {if you’re buying a tub specifically} to get one with a lid that snaps closed.I made up two different tubs for the kiddos to play with, one indoor one and one outdoor one :o}Noah specifically asked to make a dinosaur world when we talked about what […]

10 07, 2012

{dinosaur theme} :: books, apps and things to watch

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Rawr!We have started our Dinosaur theme and have been having so much fun.We gathered up all our dino related stuff {stuffed animals, little plastic dinosaurs, etc} and had a “meeting” about some things we wanted to do during our dinosaur theme. Noah really wants to make a volcano and a dinosaur world {sensory tub}. So we will definitely be doing those things as well as others. Have a look at our pinterest board for a few ideas if you’re after any.This was our “meeting” – Noah explaining how we should make the volcano and […]

10 07, 2012

6 quick and easy school holiday ideas!

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We love crafting here! But sometimes we just need something quick and EASY!Here are a few ideas we love.1. Tissue boxesCutting the tops of tissue boxes = instant stuffed animal beds! Just add a little blanket {or wash cloth} and they’re snuggled up and ready for your kiddo to read a bed time story to them!You can also make them into little houses for pet rocks. This takes a little more time than just snipping off the top but still easy – use egg cartons for beds, cars and chairs and bits of felt […]

4 06, 2012

{sensory tub} space

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 I whipped up a quick sensory tub for Chloe. And by quick I mean I just grabbed a whole lot of random stuff from around the house. I’ve seen some cooler ones, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.I put a very old metal space shuttle toy in here – this used to belong to one of my brothers and they gave it to Noah. I placed some bouncy balls {planets}, rocks {meteorites} and stars as well as a couple of glow sticks in here.The sun and moon were also drawn by one of my […]

27 05, 2012

{Space Theme} : intro + books

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We like to do things by themes here. Just like at school. I find it flows better and the kiddos get really into it. It gives them time to focus on the theme and soak it all in, and we can tie a range of things together. We have done a few already this year, we spent quite a while doing our Ocean theme, which we tied in with Australia Day and learning about our lucky country. We have also done Valentine’s and Easter themes as well as a little bit of Autumn, Lorax […]