2 08, 2013

{activity} construction :: nuts and bolts matching

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I shared our ‘construction site’ table here and said we had a couple of activities set up to surprise the kids with in the morning. One of them was a fun construction sensory tub and the other was this matching nuts and bolts activity.This activity is really really good for fine motor skills and helping to develop the muscles kids need in their hands for proper pencil grip. When I took Noah to occupational therapy last year this is one of the activities his therapist used and it was certainly a favourite! If you’re concerned […]

2 08, 2013

{activity} DIY construction site and sensory tub

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Over the school holidays we had some fun with our construction theme! Both my kids love anything trucks, diggers, tools and building so I just knew we could have a lot of fun with it. We started our activities by surprising the kids this ‘construction site’ when they woke up one morning!I laid out two activities for them to do and popped their hi-vis vests on the back of their chairs. Hubby brought in some orange cones from our outdoor playbox and thought he’d have some fun with some caution tape! A month or so ago we also […]

29 07, 2013

our play spaces

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Happy Monday lovely people! :o}I hope you had a great weekend! One of the things I receive the most messages and emails about is people wondering how we have set up the kids play spaces in our home. I admit our kids are very lucky with what they have space-wise in this house. They are lucky enough have two areas that are dedicated to playing and creating.If you have been a reader for a while you will know I like to change our house around a lot. We have recently done a whole switcheroo {again} and […]

22 07, 2013

{activity} weather :: cloud dough sensory tub

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I have seen so many pins on pinterest of cloud dough sensory tubs so of course when we did our little weather theme we had to try it! It is AMAZING! It’s so soft and my kids are still enjoying it weeks later!You need just two ingredients – plain flour and baby oil {or vegetable oil}We used 8 cups of plain flour and 1 cup of baby oil. {I just bought the cheapest of both I could find at the supermarket} I ended up adding in more baby oil as I mixed it together to get […]

27 06, 2013

{craft} rainbow ribbon rings

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We made some ribbon rings a couple of weeks ago and my kids have been loving them! I just used random ribbon I had in our wrapping box but I decided to make them some rainbow coloured ones as who doesn’t love all those gorgeous colours all together? These are very easy to make, and super fun to play with. I bought these wooden curtain rings at Masters, about $6 for the pack of 5.And some pretty coloured ribbon from the discount shop :o}The curtain rings have these little hooks attached, but they are very […]

24 06, 2013

our playful week

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Hi everyone!Whoops! My plan to have this as a weekly post certainly hasn’t worked has it!!? I can honestly not believe how the weeks are just flying by, with a little under 2 months before this baby arrives I am almost in panic mode. I have a lot of things on my ‘before baby to do list’ that I haven’t gotten to yet, plus a lot of obligations for the blog that I said yes to {some months and months ago} that I am still trying to get through. I know it’s been a bit […]

28 05, 2013

our playful week

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Hi lovelies!I am starting a weekly {hopefully!} series on the blog in preparation for when baby is here called “our playful week”. I have been wanting to do this for a while for a number of reasons. I get so many emails asking me what my secret is – how do I do detailed crafts and in-depth activities with and for my kiddos every day! Honestly I don’t! I am a normal busy mum and my kids get a lot of play time where they have to make their own fun and use their imaginations […]

22 05, 2013

{activity} autumn playdough trees

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Well it finally feels like autmun here in Perth – I know! It’s nearly winter now, but the trees around us have only just started to change colours and show off their gorgeous reds and oranges and yellows in the last two weeks. The air is crisper in the evenings and the mornings are cold! It seems it took it’s time, but finally autumn is here! {Yes, we are all sick too haha, change of season seems to do that to us, but I still love this weather!}My kids love play dough – all the […]

21 05, 2013

{activity} silly slime!

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As a kid we used to make this at summer camp. For us it was called Oobleck, based on some green slime in a Dr. Seuss story. It was a favourite at camp, also because we would get to bring some home with us. Once you make it up, it can act like a solid substance when you put force on it – punch down or squeeze it in your hands and it will feel solid, but let go and it will just ‘melt’ and ooze like a liquid.It’s super easy but can be […]

26 03, 2013

chocolate playdough

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This has been a HUGE hit at our house. It looks and smells like chocolate cookie dough and is so much fun to play with.My kids have been making hot chocolates, cookies, muffins and cakes with this playdough. I love smelling it, it smells so good. Maybe don’t make it if your little one is keen on eating home made playdough even though it’s super salty! But if your kiddo were to eat some, at least you know it’c completely non toxic 🙂 Chocolate Playdough:1 cup of flour1/2 cup of salt1 cup of water1 Tb cream of […]