9 04, 2013

{review + giveaway} Lei Momi Camera Bags

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Hooray! I’m so excited by this giveaway. A little while ago the lovely Pearl of Lei Momi contacted me and asked if I’d like to try out one of her gorgeous new camera bags. I was so excited when it arrived and I couldn’t wait to get it home from the post office to see if this bag was finally the answer to my camera bag dreams. Indeed it is! Everything about it just works for me and what I need a camera bag for. I can pack it full of all my photo taking […]

25 03, 2012

photo collages with your iphone

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I want to share with you one of my most favourite apps when it comes to photos on my iPhone!It is called photoshake. $1.99 – worth every penny!There are quite a few other collage apps out there but out of the few that I’ve tried, this is the one I like best.When you start it up it looks like this – and gives you all the options you have for playing with photos. You can do a single photo – and add a frame or a caption. Or you can do collages with the “Multi […]

15 05, 2011

Chloe’s 1st Birthday – Cake Smash

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You may have noticed I’ve gone completely pink on the blog! It’s because that is all I have been looking at for a couple of weeks, pink pink pink and more pink.I decided to go for a pink polka dot theme for our baby girl’s first birthday party. I figure I only have so many years that I can really use pink for everything so I will milk it as much as possible. Little Chloe is a tom boy I’m sure, so when she is old enough to have a say I doubt very […]

4 01, 2011

around here

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A snippet of our happenings around hereMarvelling at the resemblence between our two kiddos. These are photos of both their first time in a little wading pool {just so happens to be the same pool, too!} She did have a swim suit on, then had a break for some lunch, then went back in sans swimsuit. They both love the water.Going to the park and riding bikesAnd getting thrown up in the airUsing the Tap-A-Shape to build a train.Rogue Christmas decorations! This year was the first time EVER that the Christmas decorations were packed […]

1 01, 2011

our new year

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We spent the time just relaxing with each other, the best way to start a brand new year!Home made waffles for breakfast also help. Yum!!We found out that a new year means a new trick! Time to move the mattress down to the bottom level for this little cutie.We had a quiet lunchComplete with more new years’ toppersAnd then a play outside under the shade of a trusty cubby house. This little munchkin really isn’t helpful when I’m trying to take photos, I am always getting a silly face! Although I am thankful that […]

23 12, 2010

mini christmas dessert table

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Tradition in our family is a Christmas Eve feast. That is our big event, Christmas Day has always been about going to church and then chilling with family and having left overs for lunch.So tomorrow night my family will sit down to a Traditional Roast Turkey dinner, with all the trimmings. And then of course, dessert. We will have a rice pudding {traditional dessert from Mum’s side} and my husband has declared pecan pie is our family’s new dessert tradition. But in addition to those, I designed this little dessert table for our special night. We […]

8 11, 2010

6 months {point & shoot}

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Where has it gone? Over the weekend my little baby became a 6 month old!Everyday I am thankful for this little bundle of pure joy. Everyday I am thankful that I am able to be a mother. For me, it is the best thing in the world, and I love it.Happy 6 Months to my little girl. Time has gone so fast, and I am amazed each day by you. I love your ever growing personality, your smile and your laugh. The way you take it all in. The way you look at me at 5am in the […]

17 10, 2010

point & shoot : a spring harvest

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We have a little veggie patch growing in our back yard.Master 3 has been so excited about it, diligently watering the brocollini, carrots, tomato, spring onion and his favourite herb, oregano. We pulled the carrots out a couple of weeks ago. I had the camera ready to capture Master 3’s face as he viewed his tenderly cared for vegetable, only for us all to be surprised that it was a teeny, tiny carrot. “Not ready” his daddy said, as they pushed it back into the patch. The tomatos were ripening on the vine and turning a […]

14 10, 2010

tickled pink & project life

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I entered a small photo challenge hosted by Becky Higgins over the weekend. I was tickled pink this morning to find that I had won!It was great to see the photos that made it to the top 13. Check them out here. Some absolutely gorgeous ideas about capturing those special moments in our lives and the lives of our children. I particularly love the gorgeous baby bump photo, submitted by another Aussie!Becky’s fun photo challenges are designed to help us think outside the square a little, to step aside {or here, up} to find a […]

13 09, 2010

point & shoot : spring

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It is spring here in Australia, my second favourite season. {I love autumn the most!}I had so much planned for the weekend, it was our wedding anniversary last week and the weather was supposed to be lovely and so I planned a lovely day at home doing some gardening, baking and house stuff on Saturday. And then a trip the markets on Sunday. Instead we stayed home and didn’t do very much at all except try to get medicine into the little monkey and catch up on the washing. These flowers are just so beautiful you […]