25 01, 2012

aussie bush ocean creatures

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After making our aussie bush garland we also made some ocean creatures – which is why we started collecting the gumnuts, jacaranda pods and leaves in the first place. On one of our walks we noticed that the jacaranda pods looked like stingrays. We then decided to hunt for more things that could resemble an ocean creature {since that is our theme at the moment} and worked out that leaves could look like eels or sea snakes and gumnuts could look like jellyfish or octopus. We just glued googly eyes onto the jacaranda pods and the […]

25 01, 2012

aussie bush garland

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We have been collecting little bits and pieces from the aussie ‘bush’ – well, we don’t live in the bush but you know what I mean!We live in such a gorgeous and unique country. I thought it would be nice, in honour of Australia Day, to make a garland to display in our home, making use of gumnuts, leaves and jacaranda seed pods.So here is our collection, we gathered these bits and pieces over 2 lovely family walks. And then I tied them onto some plain cotton twine. I found it easiest to make the […]

9 09, 2011

fun with play dough

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A few weeks ago I let Noah take his old home made playdough out into the garden. We had had it for a couple of weeks {you can store it in the fridge for quite a while!} or so and it was time for it to go, but before that, I thought why not let him make a real mess of it, stick things in it, make imprints with gumnuts and sticks and all sorts of things. Well didn’t he have the best time! Chloe got into it too, and it kept them occupied […]