mother’s day

16 05, 2012

mother’s day

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I had a really beautiful Mother’s day this past Sunday.We didn’t really have anything planned, which was exactly what I wanted. I thought a nice and slow morning where you eat breakfast leisurely without rushing somewhere would be bliss. I was woken up {after a little sleep in} with cuddles, snuggles and kisses from my two beautiful kiddos. I was given handmade cards, drawings and flowers from them both and Noah had made a very cute frame and photo at school for the fridge. Noah answered the ‘all about my mum’ printable and it made me […]

11 05, 2012

mother’s day gift for my kiddos

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I’ve had a few sobering experiences these past few weeks. Some reminders that life is so very special. That it is a gift that can so easily be taken for granted. That we only have so much time here, and sometimes people leave too soon. And some have to go through amazing hardships just to be here. Just to get through the day to see a tomorrow.I should know this. I have watched suffering. I have seen hardship. My own Mum has been suffering for 17 years. Yet still I seem to sometimes need […]

3 05, 2012

{printable} Mother’s Day Bookmarks

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This is another cute little gift idea that is great for Mother’s Day. :o}There is room on the bookmarks to add some cute drawings or thumbprint art or even glitter, stickers or little photos. You can do them up how ever you like and they make a great little thoughtful and personal and not to mention useful gift :o}You can punch a hole up the top of them and add some pretty ribbon. You can laminate them (they’ll last longer) or not – it’s up to you :o}I haven’t got any photos of them […]

26 04, 2012

{printable} mother’s day : all about my mum

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This is a printable for your kiddos to fill in for you :o}You loved the Father’s day one so much I received heaps of requests to make it into a Mother’s day printable so here it is for you :o} {just a note – my printer doesn’t print the teal properly and it looks quite blue here – they are supposed to be teal! – if your printer prints the right colour, I would LOVE to know what you have, because mine NEVER prints teal properly, ever.}I cannot wait to read Noah’s answers to this […]

26 04, 2012

{printable} mother’s day flower pot template

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The first of the Mother’s Day printables is here today! 

They come in two sizes, one flower pot per A4 page, and 2 flower pots per A4 page, making them A5 in size. The smaller ones are great for little kids if you are doing handprints! Chloe’s fit perfectly on the A5, but Noah’s handprint was too big and he needed the A4 size. 

We decided to do paper handprint cutouts and tissue paper flowers. But the possibilities are endless with this template, as it has plenty of room to be creative! You could have the kids […]

8 05, 2011

being a mother

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Growing up I had career aspirations and dreams. I wanted to be a teacher, event manager or marine biologist. I started studying to be a teacher and changed my mind, and moved onto event management. This suited me better, but the course was not exactly what I was after, so I shifted direction and took up media and photography. I gave up on the idea of being a marine biologist when I learnt I’d have to dissect marine animals. Yeah, pretty much crushed that dream for me.But the moment I became a mother, my […]

3 05, 2011

by popular request – Mother’s Day printables for Nanna / Grandma

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I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the beautiful printables Jade and I created for Mother’s Day so far. Thank you to all of you who have left comments, it means a lot!By popular request – we bring to you the “A Portrait Of My” printable in a “Nanna” and “Grandma” version and also one with a blank so you can fill in any other name of choice! We use “Nanna” for only one of my kiddo’s grandmothers {they have 3} so I can completely relate to needing something else :o}You can find them […]

2 05, 2011

Mother’s Day Printables

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I have had the pleasure of working with the beautiful Jade from Super Organiser Mum on these Mother’s Day printables. We got to talking about Mother’s Day and Jade had some great ideas and so together we set about creating these for you to enjoy with your child, or to hand over to someone else to do with your kiddos for you.They are designed to be quite simple, but still meaningful. I’m sure you will cherish the end product for a long time.Over the weekend my husband did these with our little guy for […]