5 05, 2015


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Well how did that happen? All of a sudden it’s May!
I know I haven’t been posting on the blog very much at all these past few months. I have also been questioning whether to continue with a little delightful, or if it’s time to say good-bye. As the bills rolled in for web hosting and re-regestering my domain name,  I felt that might be a good time to call it quits, but as their deadlines loomed closer I didn’t quite feel ready to let it all go as I really have been missing this space, […]

17 01, 2013

much needed down time

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Well hello there!I have really missed this little space, and though I didn’t intentionally take a break from blogging, I obviously really needed it! We had a really really busy last two months of 2012. It flew by and I felt like I hardly breathed. But it was a wonderful 2 months, filled with a lot of family, a lot of Christmas, a lot of fun, but also a lot of business, a lot of rushing around, a lot of tiredness. So when we went away to see more family in Jakarta after Christmas + […]

1 10, 2012

What I want to learn from Jill.

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I have been thinking of Jill Meagher all weekend.How unfair it is that she doesn’t get another day.How sad I am for her beautiful family.How scared she must have been.How I will never understand how someone can have absolutely no respect for life. How the world is speckled with horrid people.How I cannot comprehend how someone could treat another human being with such abhorrent cruelty.How scared I am sometimes that I am raising my children in this world.I have read so many comments about ‘the message’ we need to take from Jill’s death.How women need […]

26 09, 2012

dear anonymous

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Last night ‘anonymous’ came and posted this comment on my ‘about me’ page:I wish I was as good a mom as you. I wish I read your blog before I had kids. I will never be good enough. You are perfect, your kids are so lucky. They always have a clean house, healthy food, crafts to do and a creative and loving mom. I have days where I think I’m ok at it, and days where I really fail at it. I wish I was better, more like you. Thank you for your blog.I […]

13 05, 2012


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{image}So, I really wanted to sit down and write an insightful post about my unplugging experience after reading the article “How To Miss a Childhood” by Rachel aka Hands Free Mama but you know what?I got nothing.I had such a busy Mother’s Day weekend that I didn’t really have to ‘try’ unplugging anyway. I didn’t have time for facebook or emails or surfing the web on my phone or my computer except at one moment during my little guy’s footy training on Saturday when I would normally take out my phone and check instagram […]

11 05, 2012

mother’s day gift for my kiddos

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I’ve had a few sobering experiences these past few weeks. Some reminders that life is so very special. That it is a gift that can so easily be taken for granted. That we only have so much time here, and sometimes people leave too soon. And some have to go through amazing hardships just to be here. Just to get through the day to see a tomorrow.I should know this. I have watched suffering. I have seen hardship. My own Mum has been suffering for 17 years. Yet still I seem to sometimes need […]

10 04, 2012

grateful, not guilty

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This Easter I have been doing so much thinking. I followed Eden’s journey to Niger, as she blogged about the Food Crisis for World Vision. I have been thinking about how I want to teach my children about how important it is to know there is a whole big world out there. I don’t feel I’ve been doing enough. Scarred maybe, by the school counsellor that told me I shouldn’t take my step-children with me when doing my volunteer charity work as it would be ‘psychologically damaging’ to them. I have been thinking about […]