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2 10, 2012

{printable} toy room labels!

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The very very lovely Liz from Bizzy Dayz and I have something to help you organise and pretty up your toy room storage.Yes, we’re talking labels!Head on over here to Liz’s blog to see her absolutely gorgeous playroom. She designed a space specifically for her four children to love and enjoy and it is beautiful place for them to play and learn. And her toy storage is incredible! You need to have a look :o} And check out the pretty labels, which you can download here, for free :o}There are 4 colours and 12 labels […]

9 09, 2012

pantry organisation

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A little while ago I posted a photo on Facebook of my cheeky cutie pie stealing some cookie dough from the mixer :o}She loves the dough more than the baked cookies :o}For those that were wondering – we used this recipe here with some choc chips :o}Some of you asked about my pantry behind sweet Chloe in the photo so here I thought I’d share it with you. It’s nothing that special and it isn’t a large as I would like although it is quite deep – but I find that keeping it as […]

4 09, 2012

writing workshop

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A little while ago I stumbled across this idea of a young writers workshop by Jennifer of the write start via pinterest and had to start a whole board for the writing workshop I was instantly inspired to make for my kiddos. Recently we have been having a few hiccups with writing around here, it was getting tense and Noah wasn’t enjoying it and I needed something to re-spark his love for writing and practicing his letter formation and pencil grip. I knew this would be just the thing we needed. We had an area where […]

29 06, 2012

{printable} school holiday planner + schedule

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We have one more week of school before the holidays and I felt like getting organised early – I get to enjoy one of these weeks with Noah free of any other obligation and then uni starts up again for me and it’s back to study mode so while we’ll still enjoy school holidays as per usual during the day, I will have less time to think about things to do and less time to plan etc in the evening so pre-planning works great for me!
I made up a new school holiday planner – […]

21 03, 2012

more laundry organisation + my favourite favourite containers!

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I received a few emails about my laundry after my laundry printables post. I have been meaning to post about my laundry as I do love how well it functions for us but never seemed to get around to it. But now, here it is. :o}The laundry was pretty much the very first thing we did in our house. Our previous house had an awful laundry that was in the hallway. The laundry wasn’t in it’s own room or even a separate area, but right in the hallway where all the kids bedrooms were. […]

11 03, 2012

{printable} laundry labels

March 11th, 2012|Categories: printables|Tags: , |17 Comments

A couple of weeks ago decided it was time to pretty up my laundry. I have been spending a lot more time in there as I try to keep on top of the folding. I have always been fantastical at actually washing our clothes – but folding? Not one of my strengths. So now I stay in there and fold everything instead of sticking it a basket to fold ‘later’ and all that extra time in there meant I was staring at everything for longer.I was inspired by Jade’s laundry post from last year […]

2 03, 2012

{printable} family schedule + a weekly planner :: making time

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Are you a schedule kind of person? I am. I love having a schedule because I am very easily distracted and extremely good at procrastinating. Instead of trying to deny those things, I find what works to help keep me on track, and that my friends, is a schedule. A full on schedule.Here is what my schedule looks like {before I fill it up with all our stuff}I am a big believer in that you will never FIND time, you have to MAKE time. I make time for all the things that need doing, […]

30 01, 2012

my desk

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The other week I finally tidied up my desk and made room for Project Life.It meant I had to stick my printer up the top of my desk {this is an Ikea Expedit desk which used to be hubby’s and now I use it since he doesn’t need a large desk anymore}. Not my favourite option, but needed so I have plenty of work space on my desk, even when the lap top is on there.On the top shelf I have the cute wooden divided box I bought when holidaying in Albany {WA}. I […]

6 12, 2011

gift wrapping caddy

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So as Christmas is well and truly upon us and I am just a few gifts away from being finished with Christmas shopping it is time for me to start thinking of Christmas wrapping! I loved this idea from Eighteen25 last year and decided to create my own this year. I fell in love with some gorgeous paper at Spotlight a while ago and bought some rolls which I also ended up using to decorate my gift wrapping caddy with. I started with one of these boxes from Ikea – these are free and can be found […]

15 08, 2011

Travelling with children : part 2

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Following on from my last post, I thought I’d share what I pack for the plane trip.Noah is a great traveller and normally just enjoys looking at the flight safety card and inflight magazine and staring out the window but of course at some point gets bored of doing those things and so I have these to occupy him.Tag reader, a few books and some earphones. I bought kids earphones specifically so the volume can’t go up to high to protect young ears. To keep Noah’s backpack manageable for the flight I put the […]