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20 12, 2012

Christmas Waffles

December 20th, 2012|A Little Delightful|1 Comment

Yum!! We LOVE waffles at our house and I love any excuse to make food a little festive. Last year I shared some Christmassy pancake ideas {seriously so easy, check them out} but these waffles are probably even easier.We have a breville waffle maker which churns out these super cute heart shaped waffles. Perfect all the time but even more so when it’s Valentine’s day, or someone’s birthday, or ….for making Christmas trees!I just add a teeny bit of food colouring** {try and use a natural one} I used a cinnamon sugared almond as the Christmas […]

7 11, 2012

buggy snacks and treats

November 7th, 2012|A Little Delightful|5 Comments

When we do a theme I like to do a whole range of things that are fun and relevant. So for our bug theme we had a few little snacks and treats that were very buggy!Here is a Butterfly Sandwich – no special anythings required, just cut your sandwich into triangles.Use a vegetable stick as the body, cucumber for the face, sultanas for the eyes, capsicum for the mouth and antennae and you’re done! :o}I also made the kids some chocolate dirt and worms. Just make some chocolate mousse and put into little cups. When […]

15 10, 2012

{recipe} home made muesli

October 15th, 2012|Additive free, recipes|4 Comments

Hi everyone! After my post on organising our pantry some of you asked for our home made muesli recipe, so here it is! :o}Hubby likes it with weetbix or cornflakes. I put it over chia pudding. Chloe likes hers with almond milk and Noah likes it without any milk :o} No matter how different, we all like it! You can use just oats – but lately I have been using this 5 Grain Porridge Mix from Woolworths as it is quite yummy!Ingredients:2 TBS coconut butter/oil1 TBS maple syrup2 TBS raw honey1 TBS linseed 150g raw nuts of […]

8 10, 2012

snacks & lunches

October 8th, 2012|Additive free|6 Comments

Many of you have asked for a little more detail into what I feed the kids, specifically snack and school lunch foods. I only have one at school, but I will share both of their ‘usual’ lunches as well as their snacks. Noah is a little fussy when it comes to food, he has a limited number of foods he will eat which sometimes makes lunch box packing a little challenging {and boring} but he has come a long way and I am proud of his progress and can only assume it will get better […]

20 09, 2012

make your own pasta!

September 20th, 2012|A Little Delightful|12 Comments

We are BIG Masterchef fans at our house and Noah in particular loved watching the show and also thought it was very neat when they made their own pasta.He wanted us to make our own pasta and it is also something I have been wanting to try – so we made some dough and rolled it out – and rolled it, and rolled it, and I just couldn’t make in thin enough! It was like pancakes in our lasagne haha!! Needless to say we were both a little disappointed!Enter our new baccarat pasta machine. […]

11 09, 2012

{recipe} baked sourdough egg boats with pancetta

September 11th, 2012|recipes|5 Comments

We made these for Father’s day breakfast the other weekend and they are seriously good and seriously easy! The kids helped me chop spring onions and hollow out the bread rolls and whisk up the eggs and pour the cream. They love helping out in the kitchen and although it makes a little more mess, it is a lot more fun :o}Yummy crusty sourdough bread rolls {or you could use a longer baguette and cut it up to serve} – hollowed out a little and then filled with a creamy egg, cheese and spring […]

9 09, 2012

pantry organisation

September 9th, 2012|A Little Delightful|6 Comments

A little while ago I posted a photo on Facebook of my cheeky cutie pie stealing some cookie dough from the mixer :o}She loves the dough more than the baked cookies :o}For those that were wondering – we used this recipe here with some choc chips :o}Some of you asked about my pantry behind sweet Chloe in the photo so here I thought I’d share it with you. It’s nothing that special and it isn’t a large as I would like although it is quite deep – but I find that keeping it as […]

3 09, 2012

father’s day

September 3rd, 2012|A Little Delightful|3 Comments

Father’s day prep started on Saturday, when I started making hubby’s cake – a pecan dacquoise with chocolate cream. Sounds so fancy. The recipe is from Tenina and is a thermomix recipe! I found it pretty easy to do. But it was a little time consuming, so I’m glad I did it the day before. The recipe also states it’s better done 24 hours ahead of time if you can manage anyway! I left out the orange as hubby isn’t a fan of orange and chocolate and it still came out absolutely delicious.It is a […]

1 09, 2012

{printable} goodbye winter hot vanillas and hello spring fun list!

September 1st, 2012|printables|4 Comments

It’s officially the first day of spring!Spring is my second favourite season {autumn being my first} I do love winter though, the snuggly movie nights on the couch, using the slow cooker, having hot chocolates, watching the rain. Winter is still a novelty to me and our long school holidays as kids corresponded with American summer, which of course is our winter here. We would go and visit my grandparents in Canberra and play outside and freeze and LOVE it. So many beautiful memories tied in with winter for me.So for one last winter hurrah, […]

6 08, 2012

{recipe} home made taco seasoning

August 6th, 2012|Additive free, recipes|9 Comments

Making your own taco seasoning is easy peasy! You’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before. And the best part? You can change it up. Like more garlic? Add more.Want it spicy? Add some chilli. You start with 5 spices, a bit of salt and a bit of cornflour.My recipe is as follows – chop and change as you see fit. INGREDIENTS: 3 tsp smoked paprika {or chilli powder}6 tsp garlic powder7 tsp ground cumin4 tsp paprika3 tsp mixed herbs3 tsp salt* 2 tsp cornflour {optional}Mix all together in a bowl and store in an air tight jar.This makes […]