31 10, 2010

Happy Halloween!

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Well I cheated a little and we had our Halloween party yesterday. It went really well and I am pretty sure all the kids had a great time!The food was all gone at the end so I’m hoping it was enjoyed by the kids and parents.Here is a little sneak peak at the stars {inspired by Bakerella} of the Halloween Buffet – more to come when we’ve finished cleaning up and had our trick or treaters turn up tonight!x

25 10, 2010

ghost bouquet

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This little Halloween craft turned out super cute. And it was so easy to do.What you will need:LollypopsWhite crepe paper {it’s a little easier than tissue paper} or you can also use paper towelRibbonBlack penVaseBlack tissue or crepe paperStyrofoam block, florist foam or pebblesLet get started!Make your little ghosts by wrapping some crepe paper over the top and tying a ribbon around the base of the lollipop, making a ‘neck’. Draw a face with black marker. Place tissue or crepe paper in your vase. Organise it so it is almost coming out the top. Place […]

19 10, 2010

get the party started : gorgeous halloween printables by Shindig Parties

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I mentioned sometime last month that we were undecided on having a Halloween party. Well, we are certainly having one and I have been really enjoying all the bits and pieces involved in getting ready for a whole – lot – of – fun!I bought these gorgeous party printables from Shindig Parties TO GO! a couple of weeks ago and they really are too cute. Amanda has done such a fabulous job with these and they were just perfect as I was looking for a not too scary, very kid friendly design with your […]

13 10, 2010

halloween printables

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It’s no secret I love Halloween.Halloween is all over the net right now. Lucky for me I don’t get sick of seeing all the amazing and innovative ideas and crafts that are out there.I have been scouring the web for some adorable free printables and this is what I’ve found!These oh so cute mini chocolate bar wrappers and a Boo! Treat bag are available after signing up to HowDoesShe?.com’s newsletter. Too cute!Jessica from Craftily Ever After whipped Halloween version of “Keep Calm and Carry On” for her Halloween decorating. I am printing this out […]

21 09, 2010

halloween fun

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Ready for some super cute Halloween-ness?{images from here}I downloaded these cuties when they were released last year. They are the cutest little paper dolls ever and just perfect for Halloween craft time! Head over to Babalisme to have a browse of the blog and see some other very cute printables!Ning has given me permission to post the direct links to her Scribd account to download these and other cute printables! I wish I was this talented. Thanks Ning!Girl Halloweenie Boy Halloweeniex

16 09, 2010

origins of halloween

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{image from here}Halloween draws it’s origins in Europe from the Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). The Celts believed that on the eve of their New Year (November 1st) the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. It was a time of celebration for the Celts, they would have large bon fires and wear costumes as they made sacrifices to honour and please their deities. In the 400 years that the Romans had power over many Celtic territories (around 43 A.D.) they combined two Roman festivals with Samhain. The two festivals were Feralia and a […]

14 09, 2010


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i love halloween.i know we live in Australia. But I just love it.I have hosted two Halloween parties since moving here eight years ago. That is not nearly enough.One of the reasons I haven’t hosted as many as I would like is that I am often met with disinterest, or a lot of “I don’t like Halloween”.What is not to like about Halloween? Dressing up, candy & lollies, parties, fun!I don’t really like really scary freaky Halloween. You can make it as kid friendly and age appropriate as you like. Not in to jelly […]