13 02, 2013

Yummy snacks for a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day, no matter what your plans are :o} We have been having fun with food around here in the lead up to Valentine’s Day!This is why I love Valentine’s! Not for the gifts or flowers or chocolates, but for the fun we get to have with pink and hearts and love notes. Sure we can do these anytime, and we do even when it’s not Valentine’s Day. But I love an excuse even when I don’t need one. :o}Heart shaped pancakes! We have a cute little heart shaped […]

20 12, 2012

Christmas Waffles

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Yum!! We LOVE waffles at our house and I love any excuse to make food a little festive. Last year I shared some Christmassy pancake ideas {seriously so easy, check them out} but these waffles are probably even easier.We have a breville waffle maker which churns out these super cute heart shaped waffles. Perfect all the time but even more so when it’s Valentine’s day, or someone’s birthday, or ….for making Christmas trees!I just add a teeny bit of food colouring** {try and use a natural one} I used a cinnamon sugared almond as the Christmas […]

7 11, 2012

buggy snacks and treats

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When we do a theme I like to do a whole range of things that are fun and relevant. So for our bug theme we had a few little snacks and treats that were very buggy!Here is a Butterfly Sandwich – no special anythings required, just cut your sandwich into triangles.Use a vegetable stick as the body, cucumber for the face, sultanas for the eyes, capsicum for the mouth and antennae and you’re done! :o}I also made the kids some chocolate dirt and worms. Just make some chocolate mousse and put into little cups. When […]

8 10, 2012

snacks & lunches

October 8th, 2012|Categories: Additive free|Tags: , , |6 Comments

Many of you have asked for a little more detail into what I feed the kids, specifically snack and school lunch foods. I only have one at school, but I will share both of their ‘usual’ lunches as well as their snacks. Noah is a little fussy when it comes to food, he has a limited number of foods he will eat which sometimes makes lunch box packing a little challenging {and boring} but he has come a long way and I am proud of his progress and can only assume it will get better […]

29 05, 2012

what our children are really eating : additives in food

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I have been getting a lot of messages asking about low additive / preservative free eating as I have mentioned a few times that we strive to follow this kind of ‘diet’. I wrote this article for a university assignment, and all the information is research I have collected over the last few years. {The sources, if you want to do some of your own reading, are listed at the end} so I thought perhaps I’d share it with you.We started really paying attention to what we fed our children even before Noah was […]