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2 08, 2013

{activity} construction :: hammer time!

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We used to have one of those tap tap toys that came with shapes, little nails and a small hammer but it was a cheapy discount store buy and didn’t last very long. I hadn’t gotten around to replacing it and school holidays rolled around and so I brought out some thumb tacks and pulled a cork board trivet out of the kitchen drawer. ta da! DIY hammering toy. {those awesome tool sets I found the kids at Masters have a hammer that is the perfect size for little kids hands so that is what […]

2 08, 2013

{activity} construction :: nuts and bolts matching

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I shared our ‘construction site’ table here and said we had a couple of activities set up to surprise the kids with in the morning. One of them was a fun construction sensory tub and the other was this matching nuts and bolts activity.This activity is really really good for fine motor skills and helping to develop the muscles kids need in their hands for proper pencil grip. When I took Noah to occupational therapy last year this is one of the activities his therapist used and it was certainly a favourite! If you’re concerned […]