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30 08, 2015

{printable} 2015 Father’s Day Handprint Tree

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I’m not sure how it’s very nearly September already! But here we are, gearing up for Father’s Day! 

I wanted to share with you this updated 2015 Handprint Tree for Father’s Day as it was so popular last year! 

This time though I’m including a tutorial on how to add your own kids names to it yourself! It’s free and easy using Pic Monkey, so let’s get started! 
Firstly you download the image file from here. Save it somewhere on your computer like the desktop so you can find it easily.

And then head on over to picmonkey.com […]

4 09, 2014

{printable} Father’s Day handprint tree

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Hi everyone!
As promised yesterday on facebook here is a free printable version of our handprint tree for Father’s Day. 
I absolutely LOVE anything with a handprint. You can’t go past them for a super easy {not to mention cute!!!} keepsake. 
The kids chose their colours after I did Owen’s in blue and then had a thought that maybe they should be green since it’s a tree. Ha. But it doesn’t really  matter!
Their hands also didn’t fit as well as I thought they would on the one page so later this afternoon I am going to do an […]

11 09, 2012

{recipe} baked sourdough egg boats with pancetta

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We made these for Father’s day breakfast the other weekend and they are seriously good and seriously easy! The kids helped me chop spring onions and hollow out the bread rolls and whisk up the eggs and pour the cream. They love helping out in the kitchen and although it makes a little more mess, it is a lot more fun :o}Yummy crusty sourdough bread rolls {or you could use a longer baguette and cut it up to serve} – hollowed out a little and then filled with a creamy egg, cheese and spring […]

3 09, 2012

father’s day

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Father’s day prep started on Saturday, when I started making hubby’s cake – a pecan dacquoise with chocolate cream. Sounds so fancy. The recipe is from Tenina and is a thermomix recipe! I found it pretty easy to do. But it was a little time consuming, so I’m glad I did it the day before. The recipe also states it’s better done 24 hours ahead of time if you can manage anyway! I left out the orange as hubby isn’t a fan of orange and chocolate and it still came out absolutely delicious.It is a […]

27 08, 2012

{printables} father’s day menu, interview and drawing page!

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Last year, the father’s day printables were SO popular!So now I am sharing with you last year’s Father’s Day printables with a few updates, including a new look! They match the bookmarks I shared earlier which you can find here.Noah absolutely loved taking hubby’s order last year and is excited about doing it this year, too. The 10 things we love about you list made hubby a little teary last year.Download it here.The questionnaire is always fun, and it is a hoot to see how the answers change each year. I have changed it ever […]

26 08, 2012

{printable} father’s day bookmarks + cards

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Hi everyone! I feel like Father’s day all of a sudden crept up on me – can’t believe it’s next week! A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty organised but now I’m not!I made up some printable bookmarks to share with you. Loving the bookmarks, they’re so useful and such a great keepsake. There are 2 that say “Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad” and 2 that just say “Happy Father’s Day” – perfect to give to grandfathers! Download HERE.I also made up some cards to print at home. They are very simple, the idea […]

4 09, 2011

our nice and easy father’s day

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This year we had a  nice and easy Father’s day.My darling husband had his Mum visit for Father’s day which was a lovely treat for all of us. We don’t have any family close by and so it is always lovely to have some visit :o}We started the day with the obligatory jump on Daddy to wake him up and shower him with love and hugs and kisses and gifts. Chloe took great delight in handing Daddy his card. We call her ‘mop’ as you can see her hair is pretty much a mop!Noah made […]

29 08, 2011

Father’s Day Printable : breakfast order + 10 things we love about you

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Thank you for all your lovely comments on the Father’s Day all about  my dad + a picture of my dad printable. I am really hoping you’ll share some of your kiddos answers and pictures with me. I love their view on the world, and their logic and sense of humour! I’m sharing another printable today. It’s a Father’s Day breakfast order card as well as a Happy Father’s Day tent card and a ’10 things we love about you’ note. I plan on using these in the morning for Father’s Day breakfast. Noah is going […]

25 08, 2011

Father’s Day Printable : all about my dad

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Father’s day is next Sunday! That crept up fast as we’ve been super busy and now have sick kiddos so I find it easy to lose track of time.I was really loving a lot of the ‘all about my dad’ printables on Pinterest and wanted to make up my own for Noah to fill out with his answers for his dad. I wasn’t keen on using ones that had pounds, feet, inches etc on it so made one that was more generic. I thought I’d share it with you :o} I love the answers Noah […]

6 09, 2010

our father’s day

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With our own fathers either in another country or no longer with us, our father’s day was pretty quiet. We stayed home except for a quick trip to Bunnings. {what’s a father’s day without Bunnings, right?}We started the day with Daddy having a sleep-in – believe it or not this is rare for him, he usually lets me sleep in!We made him french toast with freshly whipped cream and strawberries. A good splash of maple syrup {the real stuff} sealed the deal. I found the super cute sign here.Oh.Yum.Our little guy made Dad a tie […]