7 06, 2013

our weekend down south :: canal rocks, yallingup

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Last weekend we went away down south for a few days and we had the best time.We stayed in a little chalet but spent most of our time out of it, exploring the beautiful area that is the Margaret River wine region. We have been down there a few times, and each time it’s different and wonderful and fun. On our first morning, we decided to check out the Canal Rocks in Yallingup.The rocks are a pretty quick visit. They are an amazing rock formation that the sea has carved out. It’s located in […]

14 05, 2013

Life starts at THREE

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I feel like Chloe has been waiting for forever to turn the big THREE.She just couldn’t wait until that day and talked about it for months and months and finally last week she had that magic day and now that she has reached that amazing age, she is very proud of herself :o}We didn’t have a party this year and instead planned to go to the zoo as her special birthday outing. Being the nearly three year old she is, she changed her mind about a dozen times before the big day! In the […]

8 04, 2013

half way there

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Last week I reached the half way mark in this pregnancy. I still have days where I can’t believe we’re having another baby, so I’m definitely finding it difficult to comprehend that we’re already half way to holding a gorgeous new bundle of joy. I am thankful that my energy has slowly been coming back. I probably over do it on the days I wake up with more energetic because I spend the next two being exhausted all over again, but I just can’t waste those days where I’m focused and motivated and actually feel like […]

25 03, 2013

{easter} gift ideas

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Can you believe Easter is this weekend??That kind of snuck up on me!! I have been slowly preparing and so haven’t had to rush anything thankfully but it didn’t quite click that it was just a few days away.I thought I’d share a few Easter gift ideas that make and appearance at our house. Hopefully it might help if you’re yet to organise a little Easter basket for the kiddos or might be useful next year :o}We spend a lot of time making treats in the lead up to Easter. Cupcakes, cookies, chocolate nests […]

11 03, 2013

life lately

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It’s been really quiet around here lately. We have been enjoying a change of pace. A little slower, a little more relaxed, a little more all over the place. Unusual for me, a planner and scheduler my nature. Our home has been it’s usual noisy self, filled with fun and laughs, love filled moments, laundry baskets overflowing, sandy floors, birthday cakes, movie nights, neglected shower screens and piles of paperwork. We’ve been trying to settle into a new routine now that school is back. Some days we have it down pat, and others are a bit of […]

21 02, 2013

Noah’s 6th Birthday Road Trip : Lancelin

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Last week my gorgeous boy turned SIX years old.I know everyone says it, because it’s just so true – how did we get here – already? SIX? It doesn’t seem that long ago that he was just starting to walk, and talk, and fell in love with trains. All of a sudden he’s huge and in year one. This year, instead of a birthday party, we told Noah he could choose to do pretty much anything he would like to celebrate his birthday. We could go to the zoo, or a park, bring a friend […]

1 02, 2013

{valentine’s day} 14 days of valentines countdown

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I had meant to print these and share them on the blog yesterday but totally forgot, and woke up this morning and realised it was already the first of February! How did that happen?So this morning I printed out the 14 Days of Valentine’s cards you can find here, and decided on an activity per day as an advent style countdown to Valentine’s day. In years past I have written something I loved about each kiddo and hubby but I thought it would be nice to do the activities this year, plus some days […]

17 01, 2013

much needed down time

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Well hello there!I have really missed this little space, and though I didn’t intentionally take a break from blogging, I obviously really needed it! We had a really really busy last two months of 2012. It flew by and I felt like I hardly breathed. But it was a wonderful 2 months, filled with a lot of family, a lot of Christmas, a lot of fun, but also a lot of business, a lot of rushing around, a lot of tiredness. So when we went away to see more family in Jakarta after Christmas + […]

30 12, 2012

{printable} New Year’s Goals for 2013

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Last year I shared a printable to help you set some New Year’s goals for 2012. If that’s something you like to do – then here is a version for this year :o} We have been so busy lately that we haven’t given our goals for 2013 a thought yet. But we will be thinking about them over the coming weeks and making some plans and goals to work towards. I loved reading over my post last year and seeing how many of our goals we turned into reality this year. But of course there were […]

13 12, 2012

{family tradition} decorating their own little trees

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This has been a tradition since – well, forever!My brothers and I had our own little trees that we got to decorate for a little Christmas cheer in our own bedrooms. And so my kids do the same :o}I bought these trees a long time ago, I think from Target. Most places seem to sell some mini ones :o} I also bought battery operated lights {coloured, of course!} to use on the trees so that they don’t have to be plugged in but the kids can still have some festive coloured lights on their […]