14 04, 2011

crunchy noodle easter nests

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So I said I would post about the easiest peasiest yummiest Easter treat I have ever made. Yes, I think these are yummier than my chocolate bunny cups, mostly because I just love dark chocolate which is what we used here. These were so very easy and quick to make!
There are many ways you can make little Easter nests and I’ve seen some cute ones on websites and blogs before – but I love this ‘recipe’.


And you only require 3 ingredients! :o}
Not excited yet?
You also don’t need an oven! :o}
Excited now?You need:

Crunchy noodles {we […]

11 04, 2011

easter egg garland

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We did this activity the other weekend and it was a lot of fun.Here we are sponge painting paper eggs.Noah enjoys it when I set out activities like this.It’s very serious work …We then let his work of art dry.And then I cut them out. We did about 3 sheets of the eggs, so there were quite a lot of eggs to cut out.We then taped some eggs to cute blue and white twine to hang from the pantry door in the kitchen.I’m thinking I could have laminated these so they were more durable.And […]

9 04, 2011

paper plate bunnies

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This is a fun craft to do with bits and pieces you might have lying around at home.


We used all of this stuff, just because we had it in our craft cupboard. It is easy to do this craft without any of this stuff, though! You really could just use paper and crayon.


Firstly trace your child’s feet on a sheet of pink paper – or you could use white paper and colour it.


Cut this out and tape or glue to a thick cardboard. Cut out to look like bunny ears. 


With a paper plate, either […]

8 04, 2011

diy chalkboard and a chalkboard easter egg

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At Christmas I found this gorgeous tree shaped chalkboard that I used in our main room to write little messages to my family throughout the Christmas period. I would write things like “Remember that you are loved” and “be thankful”. I absolutely loved doing it and have been looking for one to have out all the time. Etsy proved to be a great place to find them, but I found that shipping something like that was a bit much. So I decided to try and make my own.I started out with this Kaiser Craft rectangle […]

7 04, 2011

easter toppers and kinder chocolate bar wrappers

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Easter bag toppers and chocolate wrappers are now available in my store.These are super cute and have so many uses. Here I’m using the toppers on little bags filled with mini marshmallows. I used the chocolate bar wrappers to cover mini Kinder Chocolate bars. I think these Kinder chocolate bars are a great size for kids and find that it isn’t too much chocolate. Our kiddos don’t get a lot of chocolate at Easter so these are a great size for us.You could use the bag toppers as tent cards, too! Or attached to goodie bags like this or […]

4 04, 2011

chocolate bunny cups with white chocolate mousse

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On the weekend we set out to do a little project. It was a little time consuming, but my husband and I had fun and the end product was so worth it, even Noah didn’t mind the wait! {of course some tasting while we did the making didn’t go astray either!}

You might have seen this is the latest edition of Donna Hay Kids, where they made some chocolate bowls for ice cream.
We started off with some balloons {rubbed with olive oil to prevent sticking later} and some melted white chocolate. We made a little […]

3 04, 2011

cotton ball sheep

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Here’s an easy and fun Easter activity. Noah particularly enjoyed this one as he hearts glue.Firstly we needed a cute sheep that was large enough to glue cotton balls to, so I drew this one up for us to use. We also needed cotton balls and I bought a bag of 300 cotton balls for $2 at a discount store.Then get your glue out. You could use a glue stick, but my little guy just loves using glue with a paintbrush, so that is what we normally do. This is his favourite part of […]

31 03, 2011

bunny breakfast

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We had some Easter themed French Toast for breakfast the other day.I love French Toast and find it is a great way to use up some bread that might not last much longer.We had bunny, carrot and easter egg shapes Add some yum fruit – I think I need some extremely tiny cutters to make shapes out of banana!This little sweetheart also joined in on the yummy fun. You might notice she has a different high chair. This $25 Ikea Antilop is the best high chair! Sure it is limited in ‘functions’ but once they […]

28 03, 2011

eggs in a basket

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I loved this idea from Sweet Paul Magazine! Little eggs in a basket.Using a muffin tin you can make these cuties. Just cut the crusts off the bread and butter both sides. Don’t forget to grease your tin, too. They will get super stuck otherwise!Then place in a 180 degree oven for about 5 minutes just to give the bread a head start. Crack an egg into each basket and place back in the oven for about 10-12 minutes, or until egg white is cooked. Yum!Next time we are going to add prosciutto and maybe a bit […]

27 03, 2011

easter toppers

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These cute Easter toppers are now available in my store. They are so versatile and don’t need to be used just as cupcake toppers! Here are a few other ways we have used them in our home. My son will be taking these into school for his friends for Easter, I just cut the toppers out as squares and used double sided tape to attach them to a lollipop.I punched and tied a tag to a basket filled with Easter books. We always have a basket of Christmas books around at Christmas time, but when I […]