28 03, 2012

{printable} easter treat bag toppers

March 28th, 2012|Categories: printables|Tags: |9 Comments

Hello friends!Today I am sharing with you some cute easter treat bag toppers. I think this design is my new favourite!They will fit the standard sandwich sized bags, but if you trim about a centimetre or two from each size {double check before you cut} from the topper they will fit those smaller snack sized ziplock bags too.For the Bunny Noses you could use pink marshmallows or jellybeans. I wasn’t sure if they’d be useful but I had already made them anyway so thought I might as well share them :o} Download them here.Here are […]

22 03, 2012

carrot shaped meringues for easter

March 22nd, 2012|Categories: recipes|Tags: , |9 Comments

I shared with you some heart shaped meringues for Valentine’s day a while ago.Well, meringues are really quite easy, and you can use your imagination and go wild! So we decided to make some carrots. Aren’t they cute?Taste.com.au Meringue Recipe – by Sarah HobbsYou will need:4 egg whites at room temperature220 g {1 cup} caster sugar2 tsp corn flour, sifted1 tsp white vinegarFood colouring in your desired colour – 4-5 drops if using water based, just 1-2 drops if using gel paste.Method:Preheat your oven to 100°CLine 2 baking trays with baking paper.Place the egg […]

20 03, 2012

Easter tub of fun

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An easy peasy Easter-y thing to make for your toddler :o}I made up this Easter tub for Chloe to enjoy.I took a small off cut of astro turf.And rounded up a bunch of unused Easter stuff from our Easter box to put in it. The kids have been loving these themed tubs lately and they’re really easy to put together using things we already have around the house.Her favourite part is opening up the eggs and the carrot and placing the little chicks inside and trying to close them up. Great fine motor skill […]

19 03, 2012

{printable} easter bunnies!

March 19th, 2012|Categories: printables|Tags: |21 Comments

Easter is fast approaching and we finally found our crafting mojo last week. We made our traditional Easter Bunny paper plates.These are last years.I really love these and we have been doing them since Noah was 2. The ears are made using a trace of their footprints. I have shared them before, you can look here for some instructions if you like. This year, Noah was in charge. We did them his way. They have button noses. They are too cute.But they aren’t easy to keep for those of us who like to keep things like […]

6 10, 2011

grass seed egg plantings

October 6th, 2011|Categories: A Little Delightful|Tags: , , , , |12 Comments

One of our Spring activities recently has been these ever so cute egg plantings. These would also be fantastic as an Easter activity!I saw this idea here where they used egg cartons filled with soil to grow grass seeds. As I wanted this to be an indoor thing I really didn’t want to use any dirt so used cotton balls instead. We had been collecting egg shells which thankfully doesn’t take too long around here when you bake a lot and your husband likes poached eggs for breakfast. We just carefully broke the shells at the […]

27 04, 2011

our easter

April 27th, 2011|Categories: A Little Delightful|Tags: , |1 Comment

I absolutely loved Easter this year. Noah is at that age where he gets so excited and right into everything. It was so fun in the lead up to the weekend, as he walked around the house in the ears he made at school with a basket of empty plastic eggs leaving them around for me to find. I’m sure I’ll be finding some of his hiding spots for a few weeks to come!We had friends over on the Saturday and I did this very quick table. I hadn’t really planned on doing any […]

21 04, 2011

easter egg shaped chocolate chip cookies

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This was so so easy, it made me wonder why I haven’t done it before!I used my basic cookie dough recipe, the same one I used for my heart shaped cookies we did for Valentine’s Day.and then I shaped them into egg-ish ovals. And then I baked them.And ta-dah! Really, I am not sure why I have never done this before? I didn’t need a special pan or anything. Too easy.

20 04, 2011

easter salt dough

April 20th, 2011|Categories: crafts|Tags: |5 Comments

This is an activity we do every year. It is very fun, sometimes messy, always a great way to spend a saturday morning :o}To make salt dough:Mix together1 part salt {table salt, not cooking salt, as it is finer}2 parts plain flourand as much water as needed to create a dough consistency. Add this just bit by bit – add more flour if you end up adding too much water.To bake:line cookie sheets with baking paper and bake in a 150-160 degree oven until they are hard. This time varies according to how big […]

15 04, 2011

handprint easter chickens

April 15th, 2011|Categories: crafts, printables|Tags: |4 Comments

I wanted to do a handprint Easter craft seeing as we did an Easter craft using feet for bunny ears. 
So we did some handprints …

and sponge painted this cute little chicken …


If you want to you can go over the eyes and beak when the paint is dry to make them dark again but I didn’t bother.
And then we put the two together!
Love love love this!
We also did a few other variations. If you don’t want to use paint – you could always use coloured paper and trace your kiddo’s hand. Or use plain […]

14 04, 2011

little bunny

April 14th, 2011|Categories: crafts, printables|Tags: |1 Comment

I initially drew this bunny for us to glue cotton balls onto but ended up using our sheep instead. When I brought it out for Noah I was hoping he’d want to colour it. But no, he wanted to glue stuff to it, too. He loves glue!So here we have his work of art :o}and I thought I’d share the bunny with you all so your kiddos can colour it / glue stuff to it / what ever :o}You can download it from here.As with all my printables this is for personal use only and is […]