13 08, 2012

dinosaur wrap up

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We had so much fun doing our dinosaur theme. There is so much you can do and the kids never seemed to tire of all the dino activities. Here is a wrap up of all the things we did :o}Our Dino table – with books and dinosaurs to enjoy through the theme.Some dinosaur sensory tubs1 with pebbles for inside and one with sand for outsideSome dinosaurs made from painted cardboard and wooden pegs. We hung these up from the ceiling :o}Digging for dino bonesDinosaur fossil playdough{printable} folded paper dinosaursWe went to scitech to see the Dinosaur exhibit! I […]

9 08, 2012

{craft} paper plate dinosaurs

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This is another craft from our very awesome craft book {Usborne Little Children’s Book of Things to Do} that a lovely friend gave us. I loved the idea of using paper plates to make dinosaurs, you only need one plate per dino and it’s super easy :o} In the book they used white plates and painted them and then glued on a face but I found these coloured plates at the $2 a while ago so decided to go super not messy and just used foam stickers to decorate. Too easy!Cut each plate in half.On […]

1 08, 2012

{activity} playdough volcanos!

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What to do with dino playdough that has been played with to death and should really be relocated to the bin soon?Make volcanoes, of course!Which is what we did. Noah really really wanted to make a volcano during our dinosaur theme. But I wasn’t really feeling like making one out of paper mache like we did when I was at school. So instead, we made our volcanoes out of playdough, surrouding and empty baby food jar. We made one for each of them, because we had lots of playdough {and lots of jars from Chloe’s birthday […]

30 07, 2012

{places we’ve been} scitech

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We had a really busy weekend, two full days of being out of the house for pretty much the whole day. I need a couple of days to recover now ha ha!On saturday we took the kids to Scitech as they currently have a dinosaur exhibit called Explore-a-saurus. We had wanted to go during the school holidays but I had heard it was crazy busy and the line was out the door to buy tickets so thought we’d give it a miss and go once school was back.We arrived after lunch at about 2pm and […]

30 07, 2012

{printable} folded paper dinosaurs

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Cute little printable paper dinosaurs that can stand up! They are super easy. I got the idea from this great kids craft book a beautiful friend gave us. Instructions said to fold an A4 sheet of paper in half and draw a dinosaur. I really don’t like when I have to draw stuff. I wish I could have just traced it out of the book but no such luck. I’m not great at drawing and I am a perfectionist and have to do it about 50 times. I finally got two shapes I was happy enough with, and thought […]

22 07, 2012

{playdough} dino playdough!

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Super fun and super easy dinosaur fossil play!You can use this to illustrate how fossils were formed for older kiddos. For younger kiddos, they just like playing with it!You can make dino tracks, too!The kids have fun squishing the dinosaurs into the ‘mud’You can check out the cooked playdough recipe I use here. I coloured this batch brown obviously so it would look like ‘mud’ but you could do what ever colour you like! :o}x

17 07, 2012

{activity} digging for dino bones

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I found these woodcraft construction dino kits at the reject shop for $2 a little while back and though they’d be great for our dino theme. But then I also thought it would be fun if we used the pieces in a dino dig! I popped the pieces into our dino sensory tub after I removed the twigs and plastic dinos.I gave them each a paintbrush to brush the sand away and a pair of tongs to pull the bones out.They popped them into a bucket as they found them so we could build the dino […]

15 07, 2012

{craft} cardboard and wooden peg dinosaurs

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We made these dinosaurs out of cardboard and wooden pegs the other day after seeing the idea here.I drew a stegosaurus shape on some cardboard and cut it out, and then used it as a stencil for some more. *ahem* – this is a first draft …… {drawing is not my strong point!}I asked Noah to line up pegs on a piece of cardboard to make them easier to paint.and while I cut the dinosaurs out, the kids painted the pegs with brushes and sponges. Noah ha decided he would like to draw his own, […]

10 07, 2012

{sensory tub} :: dinosaurs

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We have been doing sensory tubs for pretty much every ‘theme’ lately – they’re just so easy to do and you can tailor them to suit your kiddos age. We use an Ikea Trofast tub with a lid because I already had them, but it could be beneficial {if you’re buying a tub specifically} to get one with a lid that snaps closed.I made up two different tubs for the kiddos to play with, one indoor one and one outdoor one :o}Noah specifically asked to make a dinosaur world when we talked about what […]

10 07, 2012

{dinosaur theme} :: books, apps and things to watch

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Rawr!We have started our Dinosaur theme and have been having so much fun.We gathered up all our dino related stuff {stuffed animals, little plastic dinosaurs, etc} and had a “meeting” about some things we wanted to do during our dinosaur theme. Noah really wants to make a volcano and a dinosaur world {sensory tub}. So we will definitely be doing those things as well as others. Have a look at our pinterest board for a few ideas if you’re after any.This was our “meeting” – Noah explaining how we should make the volcano and […]