26 11, 2013

Christmas Card Writing Station

November 26th, 2013|Categories: A Little Delightful|Tags: , , , |11 Comments

My kids love to write Christmas cards and I love that they love to write Christmas cards!I set up this Christmas Card writing station for them a couple of weeks ago and so far so good, they’re enjoying the access to everything they need to write cards to their friends and family when they’re in the mood for it.In the box I have included some mini cards, some Christmas stampers, coloured and regular pencils, Stencil cards {to use on the bigger cards in the back of the basket}, word mats {see more about these […]

25 11, 2013

{printable} Christmas Cookie Mix in a Jar recipe and printable labels

November 25th, 2013|Categories: printables|Tags: , , |15 Comments

Hi everyone!I am so happy we’re back up and running and super happy to be sharing with you this printable – one of the most asked for printables on my blog since sharing this post years ago! So here are some Printable LABELS for the Christmas Cookie Mix Jars.Plus I’ve done the hard work for you and tested out a few jars and found one that fits well and is a little easier to find.

This makes such a cute gift and we often give it to our kids teachers {the ones we know who like […]

23 11, 2013

Christmas Books

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One of the very first things I do to get our house Christmas ready is put together our Christmas book basket. I search the house for all of our Christmas books and this year I have made a little book corner for the kids!We also have a family tradition that each kiddo receives a new Christmas book on Dec 1. I normally spend a little while choosing a special book for them each, one I know they will really enjoy.These are our picks this year :o}It’s Owen’s first Christmas and I couldn’t go past […]

6 11, 2013

christmas is coming!

November 6th, 2013|Categories: A Little Delightful|Tags: |14 Comments

I absolutely am loving all the messages and emails about CHRISTMAS! It means you lot are all as Christmas crazy as me :o} Haha!One of the most common questions I am asked is where I got my advent calendar(s) – two of them have been on the blog since I started a few years ago – this one which is like a wall hanging {which was from Bed Bath n Table a few years ago} and this one pictured above which is a garland {which is from French Knot Designs}. We will be using the […]

20 12, 2012

Christmas Waffles

December 20th, 2012|Categories: A Little Delightful|Tags: , , , |1 Comment

Yum!! We LOVE waffles at our house and I love any excuse to make food a little festive. Last year I shared some Christmassy pancake ideas {seriously so easy, check them out} but these waffles are probably even easier.We have a breville waffle maker which churns out these super cute heart shaped waffles. Perfect all the time but even more so when it’s Valentine’s day, or someone’s birthday, or ….for making Christmas trees!I just add a teeny bit of food colouring** {try and use a natural one} I used a cinnamon sugared almond as the Christmas […]

18 12, 2012

gingerbread playdough!

December 18th, 2012|Categories: A Little Delightful|Tags: , , , |2 Comments

We’ve been a bit obsessed with gingerbread around here lately – gingerbread printables, gingerbread decorating, and also gingerbread playdough!This was probably the first Christmasy thing I did for the kids in late November, simply because it is so easy and they are entertained for ages and ages with playdough. Add some yummy smelling spices, a rolling pin, cookie cutters and buttons to the mix and they love it even more.To make your gingerbread playdough I used my favourite cooked playdough recipe and added some cinnamon, ginger and cloves and it smells wonderful! {about a […]

13 12, 2012

{family tradition} decorating their own little trees

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This has been a tradition since – well, forever!My brothers and I had our own little trees that we got to decorate for a little Christmas cheer in our own bedrooms. And so my kids do the same :o}I bought these trees a long time ago, I think from Target. Most places seem to sell some mini ones :o} I also bought battery operated lights {coloured, of course!} to use on the trees so that they don’t have to be plugged in but the kids can still have some festive coloured lights on their […]

12 12, 2012

{printable} ‘My Christmas’ keepsake series

December 12th, 2012|Categories: printables|Tags: , , |8 Comments

If you were a reader last year, you might remember I teamed up with the lovely Jade to create some keepsake Christmas printables. I debated whether I should leave them the same and just change the date to 2012, or to do up a whole different look. I decided to go for a new look – so I hope that you like them! As with last year, there are 6 printable sheets;My ChristmasMy FamilyMy Christmas TreeMy SantaMy HandprintMy WishlistThey make the sweetest keepsakes as a little snapshot of your kiddo at Christmas in 2012. You’ll have a […]

10 12, 2012

{printable} Gingerbread Man

December 10th, 2012|Categories: printables|Tags: , , |2 Comments

Here is a super simple printable Gingerbread Man that you can use for some not so messy Gingerbread man decorating fun!We decided to laminate ours so they can be used over and over.One super easy way to use them is to use them like a dry erase board for the kids to decorate and add buttons, eyes, hair etc. But you can also use them as a play dough mat once they’ve been laminated.My kiddos had an absolute ball using plasticine! We used plasticine mostly because that is what I had in the craft cupboard […]

10 12, 2012

{family tradition} elf on the shelf

December 10th, 2012|Categories: A Little Delightful|Tags: , , |7 Comments

This is a new family tradition for us for 2012! I love finding something new that will be fun for our family and this has certainly been a hoot! The Elf on The Shelf is a story book and a little character doll that comes to your house at Christmas. You really could use any cute little elf character {I did search and search for one that was cute but didn’t find one and ended up going the ‘popular’ one. It really doesn’t matter because you create the magic!!The story goes that the elf is […]