19 11, 2012

{craft} Very Hairy Caterpillars

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I am guest posting today over at Lime Tree Kids!!Go and check out how you can make these super cute very hairy caterpillars here :o}you can also check out the other bug fun we have been having here :o} x

7 11, 2012

buggy snacks and treats

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When we do a theme I like to do a whole range of things that are fun and relevant. So for our bug theme we had a few little snacks and treats that were very buggy!Here is a Butterfly Sandwich – no special anythings required, just cut your sandwich into triangles.Use a vegetable stick as the body, cucumber for the face, sultanas for the eyes, capsicum for the mouth and antennae and you’re done! :o}I also made the kids some chocolate dirt and worms. Just make some chocolate mousse and put into little cups. When […]

5 11, 2012

{craft} bumble bee puppets

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The kids have had a ball with their bumble bee puppets! You will need:yellow and black paper {preferably thick like cardstock}Gluegoogly eyespop sticksclear cellophanetapeCut different sized bumble bee shapes {ovals} out of yellow paperCut thin strips out of black paperLet the kids glue the black strips onto the yellow paper – don’t worry about overhang we will trim them up afterwardsGlue on some eyesAllow to dryCut out some cellophane wings and when the bees are dry, trim the excess from the black strips.Use sticky tape to attach the cellophane wings to the back of the […]

28 10, 2012

{craft} very hungry caterpillars

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Do you love “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” ?It is a big big favourite in our house, so when I saw these cute caterpillars made with buttons via pinterest I knew we’d have to make them look like The Very Hungry Caterpillar!Only problem is I didn’t want to use that many buttons, they’re not the cheapest and although we could have re-used them after for another project, I decided to abandon the idea.Until I remembered I had bought these round wheel looking pasta shapes from an Italian deli {our supermarket doesn’t sell them!} for another […]

25 10, 2012

{craft} rock bugs

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This craft was super fun and the kids had a ball. They are still playing with their rock bugs, making little houses for them and pushing them around in a pram.Oh, and don’t forget how they have to sit at the dinner table to watch them eat dinner {Chloe may have also fed one some feta – and it had to have a bath – and some paint came off – note to self I should seal them!}We just gathered up some rocks from our outdoor collectionand we painted them with our craft paint and […]

22 10, 2012

{craft} watercolour butterflies

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More bug fun!These were nice and easy, Chloe and I did them together while Noah was at school.Chloe loves painting, and watercolours are so easy because you can just pull them out, no mixing or squeezing or anything involved. BUT, she is very heavy on the water as she is still learning – so I knew this would be perfect for her because you need a lot of water in order to get the paint dabs to spread to make the pretty patterns you want on your butterflies :o}Here we go!This is what you […]

18 10, 2012

{craft} paper plate spider webs

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Over the weekend we made some paper plate spider webs! We had some lovely friends visiting and staying with us so this was just a quick and easy craft I did with the kids and they really enjoyed it :o}Super easy, all you need is this: Paper PlateTwinehole punchPlastic kids embroidery needle {I bought mine from Spotlight}Ok I lied you also need some scissors, tape AND a spider – you could make one or use a plastic one :o} Cut out the middle of a paper plate.Use the hole punch to punch holes all around the […]

18 10, 2012

{bug theme} bug books + apps

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Yay! I know I said these posts would start on Tuesday – sorry for the delay!We have been having SO MUCH fun with this theme, and it is perfect timing since the kids have been able to actually find some bugs in our back yard or while out and about!We changed our little room around a little – this used to be our dining room but it was a bit squishy with our large table so now it is a lovely space for the kids to learn and play in. On the right hand side […]