5 05, 2015


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Well how did that happen? All of a sudden it’s May!
I know I haven’t been posting on the blog very much at all these past few months. I have also been questioning whether to continue with a little delightful, or if it’s time to say good-bye. As the bills rolled in for web hosting and re-regestering my domain name,  I felt that might be a good time to call it quits, but as their deadlines loomed closer I didn’t quite feel ready to let it all go as I really have been missing this space, […]

15 07, 2014

oh hi!

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Oh hi there!
It is SO SO nice to be back here on my little blog, it’s been very quiet here for quite a while but I’ve enjoyed the much needed break and time to re-coup with my family and I’ve been itching to get back here for a little while now.

While I’ve been gone, the blog has moved on over to a new home! Welcome!
We haven’t gone through a big make over or a re-branding or anything like that, I hope you’re feeling familiar here and that things look and feel the same as […]

26 09, 2012

dear anonymous

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Last night ‘anonymous’ came and posted this comment on my ‘about me’ page:I wish I was as good a mom as you. I wish I read your blog before I had kids. I will never be good enough. You are perfect, your kids are so lucky. They always have a clean house, healthy food, crafts to do and a creative and loving mom. I have days where I think I’m ok at it, and days where I really fail at it. I wish I was better, more like you. Thank you for your blog.I […]

25 06, 2012

q + a :: blogging

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Part 2 of the q+a series {you can find part 1 :: themes here} is all about blogging. I was so surprised to be getting questions about blogging as I still feel like a new blogger and sometimes don’t feel super comfortable giving advice on this subject!I will try my best to answer some of your questions though! :o}q: who did your blog design?a: I did :o} I took a few classes as part of my degree at uni and remembered some of it, yay! It’s looking a bit tired now though – must be […]