21 08, 2014

the chewiest, yummiest chocolate chip cookies

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There’s something about chocolate chip cookies that remind me of rainy afternoons. With a glass of milk in hand and a plate of cookies, my 3 brothers and I would watch as the rain drops fell into the blue of the pool while the thunder rolled in the distance.
Back then, our chocolate chip cookies were courtesy of Betty Crocker. These days, they’re made from scratch and usually with the help of one or two little cuties.
I have been working on this recipe for a while – and now this is my ‘go to’ when I […]

19 03, 2014

{recipe} honey and blueberry muffins

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One of my favourite things is a nice warm blueberry muffin for breakfast {with butter!}I whipped these up a little while ago and they’ve been baked at our house every week since. They’re delicate and delicious and not overly sweet and contain no refined sugar {unless you use brown sugar with the oats on top, though we sometimes use coconut sugar and it’s just as yummy!}Since they’re not too sweet you really get to appreciate the flavour of the blueberries. I’ve called them muffins but I make them in our mini loaf tin.I usually make […]