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1 04, 2014

{DIY} decorative glass bottles

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 I wanted to share this quick and easy little way to decorate those popular glass milk bottles {or mason jars with handles or anything glass really – let your creativity run wild!} with something we probably don’t think much of {except during back to school time where most of us probably really don’t like it} – contact paper.I shared this photo a couple of months ago of some back to school afternoon tea prep for my kids and so many of you asked where I got our apple milk bottles so I thought I’d […]

16 03, 2014

after school wind down time and my exhausted kindy kid

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Anyone else have an exhausted kindy kid?We have finished week 6 of school and although so many people I know have kindy kids that have finally adjusted to being at school, my kindy kid is still not used to it and is absolutely exhausted by the end of her Kindy day.I am lucky that Chloe LOVES school. She gets ready for school in 10 seconds flat and she happily says goodbye to me and has a really great day. I know I’m really lucky that she loves it.But some days, the minute we walk […]

13 03, 2014

keeping organised :: school papers

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Hi everyone! I am working through some of the questions I get asked most and this one pops up all the time – how do I deal with / sort / keep all the school papers and newsletters from school… so I am sharing my little system here.I don’t share stuff like this all the time simply because I am often looking for a ‘better way’ and never want to share something with you under the guise of ‘it works!’ when it doesn’t really or if I’ve only just set it up or have only […]

25 02, 2014

:: well hello there ::

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Well hello there!! – it’s been a while since I’ve posted here.I lost my mojo for blogging somewhere. I’m not sure exactly where, or why, or how. But I guess it happens sometimes! Especially when life is busy.And especially when you have a baby that doesn’t sleep. Really doesn’t sleep. Currently we are lucky to get a 2 hour stretch overnight.During the day? If not in a pram being pushed around – 30 minutes is about our maximum. BUT I know it’s just a phase. (please let it be just a phase) And that it will get better.Meanwhile […]

5 02, 2013

back to school {2013} : the school corner + homework supplies caddy

February 5th, 2013|Categories: A Little Delightful|Tags: , , , , , |9 Comments

Finishing off the back to school posts is our new School Corner!You might recognise this space as the spot our writing workshop used to be – I moved this quite a while ago so that it was closer to the kids work table which left this area a little blank. It is right next to our dining table, which is where I though Noah could do his homework at this young age {Year 1, nearly 6 years old} as he will probably need some help or want to talk through things with me and this […]

24 01, 2013

back to school {2013} little routines to help keep organised

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Hi everyone! Another topic I have received a lot of emails and messages about is our school routines!Now Noah is only starting in Year 1, and last year did not have homework or anything like that so our routine is pretty basic. I have a fair idea on when I am going to implement homework time {after snack when he gets home} but as we haven’t tried it out yet I don’t know how we’ll go. As for some little routines we do to help our school days go a little smoother, I will start with […]

21 01, 2013

back to school {2013} : school must haves

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wow is it really that time already? to start thinking of everything back to school?I have received so many questions lately about back to school stuff so I decided to do up a post with as much info as I can think of! But it got way too long so I will split it into three. Today I’m going to talk about what we’ve been doing to get ready for school to go back, and what I think are the must haves for school. I will also do a post on our school routines […]