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21 01, 2014

10 Australia Day crafts and activities!

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Hi everyone! Hope you had a great start to the week! There’s still plenty of time to find a few crafts or activities to do in the lead up to Australia Day and here I’ve put together 10 awesome ideas! Some of these we have done before and some from around the net that we’re hoping to do. I hope you find something that you’d love to do with your kids this week! :o}1. Make paper plate Koalas and Wombats2. Colour in an Aussie flag – thanks so much to Kerina at Living on a Latte and her […]

20 01, 2014

{printable} Australia Day Toppers and Flags

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G’day everyone!If you’ve been around a while you’ll recognise the koala printable toppers in red and blue, but since sharing those a few years ago I have been asked quite a few times if I’d consider a green and gold printable. As so many of you requested a green and gold version, here it is!! 🙂 

I used a circle scalloped punch to cut my toppers out but you could leave them square or just cut a circle – it’s up to you! I have used them just square as a topper for lollipops or as […]

26 01, 2013

{giveaway} anaMalz Australia Day giveaway!

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Happy Australia Day!!!I am so excited to be able to give away this oh so super cute pack of Aussie anaMalz on the blog today. Thanks so much to the lovely Lou for also letting me reveal the TWO brand new anaMalz that will be joining the gang in March 2013! Plus, the winner will also receive the two brand new anaMalz!*I have seen a sneak peek of them and they are both OH SO CUTE. But you’ll have to wait til they’re released to see :o} I know – that’s a bit cheeky […]

24 01, 2013

{craft} Australia Day paper plate crafts

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It’s nearly Australia Day! We had planned on a day out yesterday but opted to stay home and play, draw, craft and head to the park instead! Perfect :)We decided to do some Australia Day crafty fun, and so made these paper plate wombats and a koala :o} All you need is:paper platespaint {brown and grey}googly eyesbrown felt/paper for wombat nose and earsblack felt/paper for koala nosegrey felt/paper for koala earsgluePaint your paper plates. We used sponges just because it’s fun.When dry, attach eyes, nose and ears to your wombat or koala face with glue. Then allow […]

25 01, 2012

aussie bush ocean creatures

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After making our aussie bush garland we also made some ocean creatures – which is why we started collecting the gumnuts, jacaranda pods and leaves in the first place. On one of our walks we noticed that the jacaranda pods looked like stingrays. We then decided to hunt for more things that could resemble an ocean creature {since that is our theme at the moment} and worked out that leaves could look like eels or sea snakes and gumnuts could look like jellyfish or octopus. We just glued googly eyes onto the jacaranda pods and the […]

25 01, 2012

aussie bush garland

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We have been collecting little bits and pieces from the aussie ‘bush’ – well, we don’t live in the bush but you know what I mean!We live in such a gorgeous and unique country. I thought it would be nice, in honour of Australia Day, to make a garland to display in our home, making use of gumnuts, leaves and jacaranda seed pods.So here is our collection, we gathered these bits and pieces over 2 lovely family walks. And then I tied them onto some plain cotton twine. I found it easiest to make the […]

19 01, 2012

australia day trifle

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Ok, so things don’t always turn out the way they are ‘supposed to’ in the delightful house.I had this grand vision of a beautiful and elegant looking trifle in a sundae glass BUT – all dressed up for Australia Day.Yep – Green and Gold {lime jelly and custard} and flag coloured Red, White and Blue {strawberry jelly and blue coloured custard}. AND to use lamingtons instead of plain ol’ sponge cake. Yep. That’s pretty Aussie.And so totally cute with my Australia Day Toppers popped on top, no?{I made these for last year but you […]

17 01, 2012

beach in a bottle – australia day craft

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This year I decided we’d group our crafts and activities into themes and focus on one theme at a time. This was to help me with focus, as there are times I am standing around a little un-inspired with what we should do or make or learn about at home. So the first theme of the year for us is the ocean. I think this ties in so nicely with the fact that it’s summer here in Australia, and that it is Australia Day this month! Perfect. So, we made a beach in a bottle […]

25 01, 2011

Happy Australia Day!

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I hope that you are enjoying your Australia Day!I am proud of us, we are a great country and we come together when our fellow Aussies need a hand. Over $100 million has been raised for flood victims in the last month! I am heartbroken by the extent of the damage these floods have caused. The loss of loved ones is of course irreplaceable. But we can help rebuild lives and we are doing that.Hug an Aussie today! I know I will be. 🙂