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24 01, 2013

back to school {2013} little routines to help keep organised

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Hi everyone! Another topic I have received a lot of emails and messages about is our school routines!Now Noah is only starting in Year 1, and last year did not have homework or anything like that so our routine is pretty basic. I have a fair idea on when I am going to implement homework time {after snack when he gets home} but as we haven’t tried it out yet I don’t know how we’ll go. As for some little routines we do to help our school days go a little smoother, I will start with […]

10 10, 2012

{around the house} 5 jobs in 5 minutes

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I often get asked for tips and tricks on how to manage mess in the house.Just for the record – my house is often MESSY. Toys everywhere, especially hiding under the couch. Stuff that hasn’t been put away. Our house is a normal house and it’s well lived in. I have kids and have had to change my expectations some-what as to what I class as ‘messy’. But in a previous life {pre husband and kids} I was a complete neat freak who couldn’t sleep at all if there was something that needed cleaning or cushions […]