23 07, 2013

{activity} weather :: cloud fluff sensory tub

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My kids love sensory play and after making cloud dough we also made cloud fluff! Yes, maybe over-doing the ‘cloud’ activities {we also did rain clouds in a glass!} during our weather theme but with a cloud theme happening in the baby’s nursery as well I have clouds on my mind :o}This is seriously a fun sensation. I enjoyed it too. It’s hard to describe. You know what shaving cream would feel like on it’s own – already pretty fun for kids, but the cotton wool provides a little resistance and texture!It’s definitely messy […]

22 07, 2013

{activity} weather :: cloud dough sensory tub

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I have seen so many pins on pinterest of cloud dough sensory tubs so of course when we did our little weather theme we had to try it! It is AMAZING! It’s so soft and my kids are still enjoying it weeks later!You need just two ingredients – plain flour and baby oil {or vegetable oil}We used 8 cups of plain flour and 1 cup of baby oil. {I just bought the cheapest of both I could find at the supermarket} I ended up adding in more baby oil as I mixed it together to get […]

16 07, 2013

{activity} weather :: rain clouds in a glass

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Over the last week of term and first week of our school holidays last week we kept on going with our weather theme! This time we decided to do a fun activity – rain clouds in a glass :o}  For this simple activity you will need some shaving cream, water and blue food colouring for rain, a glass or jar with some water and a dropper or medicine squirter for adding the ‘rain’ to the cloud in a glass.Put some shaving cream on top of the water in your glass or jar. Pretty white fluffy […]

21 05, 2013

{activity} silly slime!

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As a kid we used to make this at summer camp. For us it was called Oobleck, based on some green slime in a Dr. Seuss story. It was a favourite at camp, also because we would get to bring some home with us. Once you make it up, it can act like a solid substance when you put force on it – punch down or squeeze it in your hands and it will feel solid, but let go and it will just ‘melt’ and ooze like a liquid.It’s super easy but can be […]