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14 09, 2010


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I thought I’d join in and make a Facebook page for a little delightful.You can come and “like” my page, if you like :)a little delightfulx

14 09, 2010

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oprah Oprah Oprah!

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{image from here}Oprah is coming to Australia!I think it’s a great great thing for our country. The exposure we will get is just.huge. {plus I like her}I have heard a bit of negative feedback about it, especially that ‘she is bringing her own audience, what is wrong with an Australian audience?’ but word is there are 3000 seats for us Aussies. So I’m finding it hard to see any downsides to her visit. In case you have not heard all the non stop talk about it since yesterday, you can find all the info here, […]

12 09, 2010

just a spoon full of sugar

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{image from here}does not help the medicine go down!My little boy, who never ever had an issue with taking any medication required, is being super stubborn about taking the antibiotics he needs. We were told by the doctor that he possibly has pneumonia – so it’s rather important we tackle this. The first time it took us nearly 2 hours, yes HOURS to get him to take the 5ml of medication. On average it has been taking about an hour, with the exception of his dose at lunch time today which took 20 minutes.I […]

14 07, 2010


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I love Donna Hay magazine, especially the kids’ edition. It is packed full of great ideas and lovely lovely photographs. I can’t wait to put some of the inspiration to good use!x

26 05, 2010

a little delightful

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a little about me:I am a study-at-home mama to two delightful kiddos {3 years old & brand-new}.I am married to a great man who is my best friend.I have been studying @ uni for a.long.time.I really enjoy this motherhood gig. More than I thought possible.It is simply the best thing I have ever done.I hope to be a professional photographer one day {when I have enough skill and enough courage}or an event planner.or a teacher.I love baking, crafts, memory making, photography, reading bed time stories, decorating, holidays, rain, white flowers.I don’t love spiders. or […]