12 days of Christmas

5 12, 2012

{12 Days of Christmas} Day 12 : LEGO Duplo My First Zoo

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Woohoo! :o} We have made it to Day 12 of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways and I am super excited that today I get to give away some LEGO Duplo!Duplo from LEGO is a preschool building toy. It is designed for little ones in mind, with bigger pieces that allow for small hands to easily build to their hearts content. They have sets for children that range between the ages of 18 months and 5 years old and both of mine {2 and nearly 6 years old} LOVE building with Duplo.This is the […]

4 12, 2012

{12 Days of Christmas} Day 11 : Tiger Tribe

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Well hello there!We are almost at the end of our Christmas giveaway series and I have had so much fun! I hope you have too!Today I am giving away a FABULOUS Tiger Tribe package to ONE lucky reader! I am super excited about this one, we absolutely had a ball trying out these great toys on our recent road trip down south. We don’t have a DVD player in the car so I am definitely always looking for fun easy ways to entertain my kids on road trips that let them use their creativity and […]

30 11, 2012

{12 Days of Christmas} Day 10 : Superfoods for Kidz

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Day 10 :I am absolutely DELIGHTED to share my review of Superfoods for Kidz with you today! As you would already know, we are careful with what the kids eat and we avoid additives, preservatives, colours and artificial flavours where possible. We have seen a huge improvement in our kids skin conditions like eczema and rashes by avoiding their trigger additives like cochineal (colour 120) and annato (colour 160b) {both of which are listed as ‘natural’ colours by the way!}Which is why I am always happy to find products for kids that help keep them […]

28 11, 2012

{12 Days of Christmas} Day 9 : Kitchenware Direct

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 Day 9:Woohoo Day 9 is here and brought to you by Kitchenware Direct!!I have been slowly trying to move away from non-stick cookware in our home and I had this Scanpan Impact Chef’s Pan on my wishlist. I received it a little while ago and I have been loving it!I love the size of the pan, and the fact that it has got handles on each side instead of one long handle that just gets in the way on my not so big stove. Because it is stainless steel, you can pop it in the […]

27 11, 2012

{12 Days of Christmas} Day 8: Funky Elephant Superhero Capes

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Day 8:Today I have for you these VERY awesome Funky Elephant Superhero Capes.My kiddos had a ball making their capes, I absolutley LOVE how everything was all included in the package, all we needed was a pair of scissors and our imagination, got to love that!This super cute cape came in the package, it has a velcro fastening for going around your kiddos neck/shoulders, making it so easy to put them on and take them off.The package also came with some templates and sheets of adhesive felt and a couple of foam stickers. Noah asked […]

27 11, 2012

{12 Days of Christmas} Day 7 : Aribar

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 Day 7:Hello lovlies!I am so excited to be introducing you to Aribars from Artisse Organic!!As you will probably already know, we avoid additives, colours and preservatives as much as possible in our food for our whole family but especially for our children. Both my kids react to certain colours and preservatives in different ways and life is so much better {and healthier!!} when we actively avoid those chemicals in our food. That means making A LOT of things from scratch, which is ok because it’s lucky that I love doing that. But like all of […]

26 11, 2012

{12 Days of Christmas} Day 6 : Stuck On You

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Day 6:Day 6 {a day late! sorry, still in holiday mode after our trip down south to busselton!} is brought to you by the super fabulous Stuck On You!Stuck On You specialise in gorgeous personalised gifts, clothes and of course labels! They have a great user friendly website with a huge range of products to choose from, each coming with so many designs allowing you to personalise their products to suit the lucky recipient.I ordered a few things for the kids for Christmas and was super excited when it all arrived. These personalised cups make very […]

23 11, 2012

{12 Days of Christmas} Day 5 : Discoveroo Crane Set

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Day 5: Hello lovelies :o}Welcome to Day 5 – this will conclude the first week of giveaways and what a big week it has been!! Today I am showing you the awesome Discoveroo Crane Set and one lucky winner will win one of their own thanks to the fantastic people at Discoveroo!If you don’t know about Discoveroo yet, you’re missing out! They are an Australian company that make beautiful wooden toys made from plantation wood. Check out their full range here – they have so many great products including the Discoveroo blocks we reviewed a while […]

21 11, 2012

{12 Days of Christmas} Day 4 : Personal Planner

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Day 4:Welcome to Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas giveaways!! :o}Today I am giving away a Personal Planner from personal-planner.com.au!I hadn’t heard about this company before but was so thrilled to be offered a personal planner to review. You are able to select from a huge range of different styles and colours, and to truly personalise the look you can upload photos too!I whipped up a quick cover photo for my planner and uploaded it. I literally squealed when I opened up my package and saw this gorgeous planner staring back at […]

20 11, 2012

{12 Days of Christmas} Day 3 : anamalz

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Day 3:Anamalz are super cute, gorgeously made, award winning wooden animal toys and are the brain child of Australian couple Louisa and Tim. Each Anamalz is made from sustainable maple wood, and painted with safe non toxic paints and adorned with beautiful textiles for a truly unique and stunning wooden toy. My kids absolutely love their Anamalz, and last year we gave them the anamalz barn which is simply stunning! The Anamalz really couldn’t get any cuter! They are so many of them, and we have enjoyed adding to our collection since last year. They are […]