MICHIGAN- The current racial climate around the country has prompted many questions about what happened to the coronavirus. The questions, legitimized by stories of real danger for months or even years to come, have sparked outrage, but shed light on what would appear to be a more sinister plan.


On April 9, Governor Gretchen Whitmer (MI) confused everyone as she wrote another executive order, forming a task force to look into the racial disparities behind COVID-19, as her and Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist spoke about the illness as if it had the ability to choose who it effected. During the announcement, Whitmer made the bizarre statement:

“This virus is holding up a mirror to our society and reminding us of the deep inequities in our country.”

In April, most people chalked the statements up to just another strange act by the governor, whose recent actions have raised questions of competency among many colleagues and constituents. However, it now appears it could’ve been part of a plan. Whitmer came out as one of the nation’s biggest racial agitators in the wake of the police fiasco in Minneapolis. This is where the very odd murder of George Floyd spawned race riots in which police were strangely told to stand down. Whitmer immediately began to drive a wedge between citizens of the state.

“When a black man simply kneels in peaceful protest and becomes vilified, but a white man with a badge and a gun kneels the breath out of George Floyd and does so without compunction, it’s wrong, infuriating, devastating, and gut-wrenching.”

This, her statement about peaceful protests only a few short days after referring to the peaceful protests organized by the American Patriot Rally as having

“depicted some of the worst racism and most awful parts of our history in this country.”

Then, as if bizarre contradictory statements were not enough, the gaff continued:

“I am angry at rioters who came into communities of color.”

This is not the first time Whitmer has been heard referring to the communities of her state as segregated. She has compared “white communities” with “those of color” before. The difference now is that she is using the admitted segregation problem in Michigan to fuel racial tensions, pitting the equal citizens of Michigan against each other.

EDITORS NOTE: Some groups are now looking into statements by Whitmer, saying that they are grounds for possible charges against the already gravely troubled governor for inciting a riot. Some sources are saying that with all the legal and criminal actions circling the governor’s mansion, the party may ask her to step down.