23 05, 2012

{recipe} flourless fudgy brownies

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Brownies remind me of growing up – they were my ‘bring-a-plate’ dish when we’d have pot lucks at school. I would always use the Betty Crocker boxed brownies and would make them myself.Now I make these from scratch and I think they are even more delicious. This is our favourite recipe. It is easy and quick to make and tastes oh so good. How could it not? With equal parts of dark chocolate and butter – it is seriously rich and very much a ‘once in a while’ treat…. if you’re going to have […]

22 03, 2012

carrot shaped meringues for easter

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I shared with you some heart shaped meringues for Valentine’s day a while ago.Well, meringues are really quite easy, and you can use your imagination and go wild! So we decided to make some carrots. Aren’t they cute? Meringue Recipe – by Sarah HobbsYou will need:4 egg whites at room temperature220 g {1 cup} caster sugar2 tsp corn flour, sifted1 tsp white vinegarFood colouring in your desired colour – 4-5 drops if using water based, just 1-2 drops if using gel paste.Method:Preheat your oven to 100°CLine 2 baking trays with baking paper.Place the egg […]

16 02, 2012

now that banana’s don’t cost a million dollars … !!!

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Ok ok I know they didn’t ever cost a million dollars. But, they did cost A LOT.I do admit I still bought them. They are one of 3 fruits my Noah will eat. But they were rationed haha.Now that they’re not expensive anymore, we are buying more of them. Probably a little more than we should be. There is only so much banana bread I can make + have room in the freezer for! So I thought I’d show you 2 other things we like to do here with our bananas. Aside from a delish […]

13 02, 2012

heart shaped meringues

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Have you ever made meringue before? This was the first time I have attempted these little delicious treats. I found this recipe on – it had great reviews which is always a good sign so I decided to give it a go.Make sure you leave enough time for these – they take about 5 hours all up – because they are cooked nice and slow in the oven {2.5 hours} and then left in there until the oven is cool {about 3 hours}. Meringue Recipe – by Sarah HobbsYou will need:4 egg whites at […]

15 09, 2011

Lemon Oatmeal Bars

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This is another version of the Oatmeal Bars that we are loving right now, especially as we enter spring time! I was sure it would taste good with lemon so I set about to experiment and it seemed the best way to get the lemon to set was to mix it with condensed milk and a little flour. Well, condensed milk is super sweet! So I use quite a bit of lemon to make this.It’s lovely and fresh and has a good zing to it. It tastes like lemon cheesecake, I am sure you […]

24 07, 2011

our favourite banana bread

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I like to bake in bulk and one thing I have found that is easy to make and freezes really well is this Banana Bread.
I know bananas aren’t the cheapest of fruits at the moment but they are one of the only fruits my little guy will eat and my family really love this bread and we get so much out of using 4 bananas when I bake it.

You can get all of this in literally 4 very easy steps :o}


180g butter

200g brown sugar

4 eggs

4 large ripe bananas

300g sour cream {not ml’s!} – you […]

19 07, 2011

chocolate or apple oatmeal bars

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This is a new family favourite in our house. I discovered the recipe here but changed it just a teeny bit as I didn’t want to put coffee into the chocolate {though it would probably taste good!}Chocolate Oatmeal BarsBase + crumble:1 cup quick oats1 cup brown sugar3/4 cup plain flour1/4 tsp baking powder1/4 tsp baking soda1/8 tsp salt115g butter, meltedChocolate Filling:1/4 cup flour1/4 cup brown sugar1/4 tsp salt2 Tbs butter1 egg1 1/2 cup chocolate {we used dark choc bits}To make the base + crumble:Mix the oats, brown sugar, flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt in […]

7 07, 2011

hot chocolate sticks

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So, I know my blog has been all about sugary treats as of late.Must be the weather!And I have another to add to that list of treats today.Hot Chocolate Sticks.These are brilliant! I really love this idea. Aren’t they SO CUTE?They would be great as little party favours, too. I found them here, and was totally going to use my home made marshmallows to give these as little gifts so I made them up, and of course had to try them and they were so good. BUT, I used store-bought marshmallows for the ones that […]

3 07, 2011

S’mores + S’mores Pops

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This might be the longest post on s’mores in the world. Maybe. But it shows how much I love s’mores. I am sorry if you don’t like s’mores, I am done talking about them after this post :o} For now.S’mores stand for “some-more” because that is exactly what you will want when you try this totally yummy combination of delicious graham cracker, toasted melty marshmallow and smooth chocolate. This is a childhood memory for me, balmy nights around the beach campfire with my brothers. Long long skewers made just for roasting marshmallows … enjoying […]

30 06, 2011

home made graham crackers

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Lately I have been craving graham crackers. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re like a sweet biscuit with a distinct honey or cinnamon flavour. You can buy them in Australia from USA Foods, but they’re $10 a box. Boo.I thought surely you can make them yourself? Yes, you can! I found this recipe here and it worked well for me. The results were delicious. Every single person I gave one to absolutely loved them. Graham CrackersIngredients: 2 1/2 cups plus 2 Tbsp / 375g plain flour1 cup / 176g dark brown sugar, lightly […]