13 10, 2013

{printable} halloween countdown

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We love Halloween at our house and it’s always been a big thing for me having grown up with it. Our house was known as ‘that house’ on our street in America as there was always a full sized witch or goblin or mummy out in our front yard that we had swept all the autumn leaves up for and packed into garbage bags that my Mum then assembled and dressed up in costume. I remember her even hooking lights and a stereo up to it one year so it would make some freaky […]

9 09, 2013

{printable} love builds a happy home

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So a few of weeks ago I shared how I put together a mini gallery wall in our living room.I had made this print for our wall, and offered to share it if there was any interest in it, but then we had a baby and I haven’t had a lot of sit down time at the computer lately. BUT right now my little poppet is sleeping soundly so I thought I’d smash this post out quickly and pop the print here for you to download :o}It’s available in 3 sizes and would be best […]

26 07, 2013

{printable} weather station

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We couldn’t do a weather theme without making up a weather station! I searched all over the net for a printable weather station but they all had a ‘snow’ category. Now, I do know that it does snow here in some places here in Australia, but for most of us in this gorgeous country it doesn’t so I decided to make our own and leave ‘snow’ out. We decorated it ourselves with different things like coloured rice, cotton wool, tissue paper, crayons and pipe cleaners! You could just draw the pictures or get as messy with […]

17 06, 2013

{printable} Tooth Fairy Receipts and Childhood Tooth Record

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Happy Monday everyone!As promised, here are my Tooth Fairy printables. We recently reached this awesome childhood milestone and Noah pretty much burst when I picked him up from school and he had a big gap where there once was a tooth! I was a little sad I wasn’t there to witness the joy of him realising his tooth had *finally* fallen out and the tooth fairy would be visiting, but I thought – that’s ok – next time.Well, next time was much sooner than I thought it was going to be! Just two weeks […]

5 06, 2013

{printable} road trip fun

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We spent the WA long weekend away down south and had such a wonderful time, I will share more about that soon but first I thought I would share with you those road trip printables I promised after showing you the winter road trip kits I put together for the kids!They each have a clipboard that doubles as a folder and these have been awesome for car creativity. The clip holds their colouring books or papers in place and provides them with a little table or sorts to work on in the car. And […]

9 05, 2013

sight word fun and printable sight word flashcards

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Noah is LOVING sight words and we have been learning them in a few different ways that I thought I would share with you!His teacher sends home a list for them to work on and once they’re confident with that list, they get sent home with another list. So I thought I’d share with you a few of the things we do to learn the words on the lists he is given from school.I’ve also included some printable sight word flash cards for you to download and print if you wish :o} They are based […]

13 02, 2013

{printable} Valentine’s Day ‘You Float My Boat’

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I cannot believe that I made these up weeks ago and have been forgetting to pop them up on the blog!Hopefully some of you will still find a use for them! Even if just to give your own kiddos as a little something something tomorrow – which is what I’m doing for mine along with a little note for each of them.These are super simple, and although I’ve used them with an organic lollipop, you really could use them for any kind of treat or even just as they are! If you’re not using […]

1 02, 2013

{valentine’s day} 14 days of valentines countdown

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I had meant to print these and share them on the blog yesterday but totally forgot, and woke up this morning and realised it was already the first of February! How did that happen?So this morning I printed out the 14 Days of Valentine’s cards you can find here, and decided on an activity per day as an advent style countdown to Valentine’s day. In years past I have written something I loved about each kiddo and hubby but I thought it would be nice to do the activities this year, plus some days […]

24 01, 2013

back to school {2013} little routines to help keep organised

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Hi everyone! Another topic I have received a lot of emails and messages about is our school routines!Now Noah is only starting in Year 1, and last year did not have homework or anything like that so our routine is pretty basic. I have a fair idea on when I am going to implement homework time {after snack when he gets home} but as we haven’t tried it out yet I don’t know how we’ll go. As for some little routines we do to help our school days go a little smoother, I will start with […]

30 12, 2012

{printable} New Year’s Goals for 2013

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Last year I shared a printable to help you set some New Year’s goals for 2012. If that’s something you like to do – then here is a version for this year :o} We have been so busy lately that we haven’t given our goals for 2013 a thought yet. But we will be thinking about them over the coming weeks and making some plans and goals to work towards. I loved reading over my post last year and seeing how many of our goals we turned into reality this year. But of course there were […]