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15 07, 2013

The Trusted Trolley – begin your additive free journey! {giveaway}

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As many of you who have been here a while know, we try our best to follow an additive free diet as much as possible. My kids often react to preservatives and specific colours {reactions can range from hyper behaviour to rashes and skin eczema, lucky for us their reactions are fairly mild} and so for this reason and for general health we avoid additives in our food. You can read more of my additive centred posts here.When we first started on our additive free journey, it was completely overwhelming. One look at the […]

4 02, 2013

back to school {2013} : lunch box and snack ideas

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I always get a bit nervous talking food on my blog! What and how we feed our kids is a pretty personal decision, so while I am happy to share what we do, please don’t feel like it is what you must be doing, everyone gets to make their own decisions. Hubby and I as parents have been careful when it comes to additives and preservatives in our food for going on 8 years now. Although I am not an expert by any means, it has become easier and easier for us to make better choices […]

30 11, 2012

{12 Days of Christmas} Day 10 : Superfoods for Kidz

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Day 10 :I am absolutely DELIGHTED to share my review of Superfoods for Kidz with you today! As you would already know, we are careful with what the kids eat and we avoid additives, preservatives, colours and artificial flavours where possible. We have seen a huge improvement in our kids skin conditions like eczema and rashes by avoiding their trigger additives like cochineal (colour 120) and annato (colour 160b) {both of which are listed as ‘natural’ colours by the way!}Which is why I am always happy to find products for kids that help keep them […]

27 11, 2012

{12 Days of Christmas} Day 7 : Aribar

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 Day 7:Hello lovlies!I am so excited to be introducing you to Aribars from Artisse Organic!!As you will probably already know, we avoid additives, colours and preservatives as much as possible in our food for our whole family but especially for our children. Both my kids react to certain colours and preservatives in different ways and life is so much better {and healthier!!} when we actively avoid those chemicals in our food. That means making A LOT of things from scratch, which is ok because it’s lucky that I love doing that. But like all of […]

9 11, 2012

{review + giveaway} Little Bellies {CLOSED}

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I’ve mentioned before that I watch the additives and preservatives in the food we eat. I ran through some snacks and such for you a little while ago because let’s face it, it’s not always possible to have something made from scratch ready at any moment. So for those times where I’ve been to busy to bake, or we’re running out the door, I like the convenience of being able to grab something easy for my kids. But I also want to make sure it is something I am happy about them eating! So I […]

15 10, 2012

{recipe} home made muesli

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Hi everyone! After my post on organising our pantry some of you asked for our home made muesli recipe, so here it is! :o}Hubby likes it with weetbix or cornflakes. I put it over chia pudding. Chloe likes hers with almond milk and Noah likes it without any milk :o} No matter how different, we all like it! You can use just oats – but lately I have been using this 5 Grain Porridge Mix from Woolworths as it is quite yummy!Ingredients:2 TBS coconut butter/oil1 TBS maple syrup2 TBS raw honey1 TBS linseed 150g raw nuts of […]

8 10, 2012

snacks & lunches

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Many of you have asked for a little more detail into what I feed the kids, specifically snack and school lunch foods. I only have one at school, but I will share both of their ‘usual’ lunches as well as their snacks. Noah is a little fussy when it comes to food, he has a limited number of foods he will eat which sometimes makes lunch box packing a little challenging {and boring} but he has come a long way and I am proud of his progress and can only assume it will get better […]

6 08, 2012

{recipe} home made taco seasoning

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Making your own taco seasoning is easy peasy! You’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before. And the best part? You can change it up. Like more garlic? Add more.Want it spicy? Add some chilli. You start with 5 spices, a bit of salt and a bit of cornflour.My recipe is as follows – chop and change as you see fit. INGREDIENTS: 3 tsp smoked paprika {or chilli powder}6 tsp garlic powder7 tsp ground cumin4 tsp paprika3 tsp mixed herbs3 tsp salt* 2 tsp cornflour {optional}Mix all together in a bowl and store in an air tight jar.This makes […]

3 07, 2012

{recipe} home made healthy ‘milo’

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Thank you for all your lovely comments on my post about feeding my kiddos. I am sorry I haven’t responded to them yet and yes, I have seen the not so nice comments that a couple of people left. It is what it is and we eat this way as a choice we make – everyone has the right to choose their own path and I am not trying to preach or make anyone feel guilty. I hope that it didn’t come across like that!Here is the home made ‘milo’ recipe as promised to […]

28 06, 2012

{q + a} : feeding the kiddos

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Hello lovelies! Here are the questions and answers about food and the approach we take that were asked especially after my post about additives in food. I hope you are able to find some of this helpful to you :o}I am being truly honest here, even though I would love to tell you my kids have never had a happy meal – but that wouldn’t be being honest and I believe in being totally truthful so here goes.Before we go on, I am no expert on nutrition or anything like that. I don’t claim to […]